Weis Impressed Hammond Immediately

When offensive coordinator Charlie Weis got to Gainesville, it didn't take long for the Florida players to buy in. His Super Bowl rings spoke for themselves. Since the start of fall camp, the aura that follows Weis has trickled through the entire offense. He works with every position on the offense to make sure they understand the ins and outs of the offense.

And when there are mistakes, Charlie Weis is not very happy.

"He's real strict," Frankie Hammond said. "He's very precise and detailed as far as the routes are concerned if you're not at your depth. It throws everything off because of timing with the QB. It's just the little things and details that he pays attention to."

Weis knows there will be mistakes. He doesn't have unrealistic expectations for the players. His big pet peeve comes when players make mistakes that have already been addressed in meeting rooms and in film sessions.

Weis expects his players to learn from their missteps.

"He doesn't like to see the same person make the mistakes over and over again," Hammond said. "If someone makes a mistake and then another one that's different, he can deal with that—but if you're making the same mistakes over and over again, we have a problem."

When there are problems, it's straight to the film room before the start of the next practice. Weis and Florida wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill have made time in the film room a priority to iron out mistakes.

The coaches have pounded into the receivers' heads how precise they need to be on the field. The routes in each play fit together perfectly when timed together, and one small mistake is enough to set Weis off.

"Pay attention to the little things," Hammond said. "As you move on to the next level, the difference between getting open is real small because the windows are a lot tighter. You have to pay attention to things to beat jams and get open."

With the new offense has come an improved confidence for quarterback John Brantley. Hammond has seen the senior throw with confidence so far this fall.

"With this new offense, there's a lot more build in and it just builds for him," Hammond said. "The confidence is definitely helping him and I can see him getting more comfortable."

Hammond said there has been steady progress from Jacoby Brissett, Jeff Driskel and Tyler Murphy as camp continues. Head coach Will Muschamp said on Tuesday that Driskel has a leg up in the battle for the backup job, and that isn't a surprise to Hammond.

The strides he has seen from the freshman from spring to fall have been drastic. After struggling to pick up the offense and thinking too much on the field in the spring, Hammond thinks things are coming naturally for Driskel now.

"He's a little more comfortable," Hammond said. "The plays are coming easier with him being here in the spring. Having a head start on the plays is helping him."

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