Christian is Finding His Groove

Gerald Christian isn't concerned with what side of the ball he plays this football season as long as he's helping his team and doing his job on the field. With offensive coordinator Charlie Weis utilizing a two tight end package, and his ability to play multiple spots, Christian should be seeing quite a bit of playing time. His hard work in the offseason and now should pay big dividends in 2011.

"I've been trying," Gerald Christian said "I'm busting my butt, making plays and showing the coaches that I feel I can contribute to the team."

Christian never wanted to get the job of tight end due to an unexpected injury but he has stepped up to the challenge and has taken on the responsibility with a positive and appreciative attitude about the opportunity.

"You know you don't want to wish injuries upon people," Christian said "but since they do have injuries, I've had to fill a bigger role. I've taken more snaps at practice and have tried to show the coaches what I can do."

Originally recruited at the position of tight end, Christian was switched to linebacker his freshman year to then switch back to tight end after spring practices this year. All the switching around and not knowing exactly where he was going to end up did pay a little bit of a toll on Gerald but as camp progresses he has felt more comfortable in his position and what it requires.

"Yea it was tough not knowing, but after spring ball, they told me that they wanted me to be more on the offensive side, so I've been good now (since playing with the offense)."

"I feel comfortable, I'm what they call an Ace back, they move me on the line of scrimmage as tight end and they pull me off and have me motion the line in the back field. I'm used to that, that's actually what I did a lot in high school, so I'm pretty comfortable with that"

Becoming suited with his position, he is also getting comfortable with his teammates. There has been a different vibe among the players: supportive, unified, positive. Christian has noticed it too, commenting on how the team was is a lot closer than they were last year, giving a lot of the credit to Mickey Marotti, the players' strength and conditioning coach.

"Mickey Marotti worked on us a lot about leadership, togetherness, team and he put us through a lot of hard stuff in order to make the team come together and push through it, Which helped out a lot."

With a more unified front and players becoming more content at their positions as camp continues, Christian feels that the team isn't perfect yet and that they will always see room for improvement in all positions and as a team.

"I feel like every area needs improvement, all positions could always use improvement, but as an offense I feel that we are really clicking and as a team I feel that we are coming together and getting better every day."

In the end, Christian can't help but keep a positive mindset on what the season brings for him.

"I feel like I'm blessed and everything is working out for me."

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