Jason Higdon's Chat (Monday Night)

Every week for as long as we can remember, Jason Higdon has conducted chat for those Fightin' Gators members that are into the recruiting world of the Florida Gators. Monday night was no exception and Jason has taken to occasionally ask our subscribers for their questions to answer to lead off the chat. There are quite a few good questions here and Higdon answered them all and republished them.

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1. With the news of Jordan Jenkins possibly favoring Bama, Fowler still an FSU commit, and McCord being a SAM backer... Is there a name we need to watch out for that we haven't heard much about, or at all, that may make a move up the board for the Buck position?

2. How was the Bullard/Watkins visit and when are they both expected to make their decisions again?

3. With UM about to get slammed, have our coaches been in touch with Jelani Hamilton as we have a need for DE's, and if so, has he been receptive about coming for an OV?

4. Why is everyone freaking out about the DL recruiting?

5. What is the latest on our OL recruiting with Young, Bisnowaty, and is there anyone else on the board to keep an eye out for?

6. After Diggs what does the WR board look like?

7. Are there any more five-star visits going to happen this summer, like from Darius Hamilton or Noah Spence? Do you think Tyriq McCord will be in UF's class?......................................

8. Any guess as to when we might see our 1st 2013 verbal?

9. Holding spots… what does it mean exactly?

10. Is Charlie Weiss recruiting DGB as hard as he should be? And why did we not offer Four Star Croom from Georgia, who is the same size as DGB?

11. I know this may be premature given he will only be a junior this year, but does anyone know how Ahmad Fulwood feels about Miami now in light of this scandal? I understand he loves Miami--apparently a childhood favorite--and he sure looked good at his scrimmage the other day.

12. Is McCord cooling on Florida because the staff is backing off on his recruiting in favor of Dante Fowler?

13. Can you give us an Adam Lane update?

14. Is there any uncommitted kids where our coming season is going to have a huge impact? Please give some details as to good season/bad season....playing time?

15. Have we or are we looking at giving a written offer to Chris Bivins?

16. When do you believe the TE that isn't Kent Taylor will commit? Month?

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