Rainey Loves the Offense

It isn't as if he has suffered through a miserable existence during his four years at Florida. Chris Rainey has had his ups and downs, but also had some big moments in the offense at Florida. But ask Rainey what he thinks about the new offense and his ability to run behind a lead blocker, the offense's ability to stretch the defense offering him more room to operate, and you will see a big smile.

He won't come out and say it, but pardon Chris Rainey if he has visions of running for a thousand or more yards for this Florida offense in 2011. The fifth year senior running back is a tad giddy when speaking to the media about the offense and it isn't all about him either. He likes it because he feels everyone is going to get in on the action.

"Yes I am, super good," Rainey responded when asked if he was feeling good about the offense under offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. "I am very happy. Everybody is getting the ball. It isn't just a one man show."

He also feels more comfortable running behind a fullback or lead blocker and this offense will allow him to do a lot more of that.

"That is basically it," he said about his joy of following a Trey Burton, Gerald Christian, or Hunter Joyer through a hole left by the offensive line. "I can see everything, the whole field."

Rainey has evidently been a star at practice and also possibly a little more assertive in his play. It seems he got the better of a 20 pound heavier safety Matt Elam on one particular play a week ago and this isn't the only time he has ‘punished' the defenders in practice.

"I was just doing my job," Rainey said when asked to describe the play against Elam. "I was trying to cut and stumbled. I got up and lowered my shoulders and I guess I won that one."

Rainey is also one of the more competitive players on the team. He will be sharing a lot of carries with fellow running back Jeff Demps. No problem with Rainey, but he doesn't want to be asked who is the better of the two… he thinks he knows and doesn't want to sound conceited.

"We are similar," he said. We like to catch and we have speed. I juke more and he likes to run people over so…"

When asked who is faster between him and the world class sprinter, Rainey smiled and gave a typical response.

"I really don't know," he replied to that question before acknowledging that Demps has many more awards for his track triumphs. "He definitely does…"

Rainey may be saddling up with a certain star from the 2010 squad that came on big as a freshman. Trey Burton will be sharing the backfield with Rainey and Demps a lot in 2011 as a fullback and will also float all over the offense in an attempt to make him a vital part of the arsenal. Rainey glowed about the sophomore do everything guy.

"He's doing great," Rainey said of Burton. "He does the same thing. He is a program guy. He does everything right and I love him. He's a fullback, but he does move to different positions. He can catch, he can run, and do everything."

Rainey and others have voiced just how much Burton is a team player and the senior appreciates that part of his persona as much as any.

"It's very rare," he said. "It would be nice to have a whole team like that."

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