Muschamp Unhappy After Last Scrimmage

The final scrimmage before Florida's season opener next Saturday could have gone better for the Gators. It's the lack of focus that had Will Muschamp the most upset Wednesday night. When the team leadership didn't step up to fix it, it was even worse. The Gators now have nine days to fix the mistakes before the opening game against FAU.

"We did not execute very well. Mental toughness was not there," Will Muschamp said. "(We are a) very immature football team at this point. Not consistently performing at the level we need to perform at. Just disappointed overall with the mental effort tonight. Some procedural issues we should not be having at this point. Defense had some mental mistakes we should not be having at this point. Overall pretty displeased.

"Not what we were looking for tonight, that's for sure."

The positives were tough to point out. Muschamp named Dominique Easley, Sharrif Floyd and Andre Debose as some Florida players who showed flashes, but then said it's "hard to single guys out."

Asked if Wednesday night was a step backward for the Gators, Muschamp didn't hesitate.

"It dang sure wasn't a step forward," Muschamp said. "We've just got to get on the film. We're going to go out and have a good practice Thursday and Friday and get back Sunday night and get after it again. It's all we can do, go back and coach better and play better.

"It's not a lack of effort in my opinion in most situations. It's a lack of focus on what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to do it."

The focus wasn't there. Muschamp didn't want to sell short the effort of players who went hard on Wednesday, but there were a handful of players that didn't meet his expectation level.

"We had no sense of urgency of what we're doing and how we do it and how we approach it," Muschamp said. "And it's not everybody. We've got a bunch of guys that do it the right sway but not enough and not collectively enough guys doing it that way at this point.

"If you're a competitor and you want to line up in that stadium and play and play hard and play fast and play physical you do it regardless of the situation, regardless of the opponent. We have guys that do that. I hate to get upset about the select few."

For some players, it could mean more than just one bad scrimmage. There could be starting positions that are lost because of Wednesday's performance.

"Ain't no doubt," Muschamp said of losing starting spots. "We're going to get the guys what want to compete and play hard. The ones that don't, we'll go on to the next guy."

BRANTLEY UPDATE: John Brantley was held out of last week's scrimmage because of a sore back, but he didn't participate fully in the scrimmage Wednesday.

"He's still a little sore," Muschamp said. "He had a good day Tuesday. He repped a little bit early and we had the other guys rep in there. He's still a little sore but we feel like he'll be fine.

"Based on the information I have, based on his Tuesday practice, a little soreness here and there I just don't have a whole lot to be concerned about at this point. Certainly if we were sitting here on Wednesday or Thursday of Game week I'd be concerned but I feel good with where we are."

INJURY REPORT: Omarius Hines didn't scrimmage because of a hamstring injury. Muschamp said that he "possibly could be questionable for the opener at this time."

Jeremy Brown didn't practice either because of a knee injury.

"I still think Jeremy will be OK," Muschamp said. "He did not go tonight but I still think that he will be playing for the opener. I'm hoping to get him back tomorrow or Friday and if not definitely Sunday night. . . . He sprained his knee. No surgical, nothing. He's just working it out getting it back, getting his flexibility. We expect him to be fine."

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