Frazier is a Marksman

It has been a long and rigorous road on the AAU circuit for Florida four-star shooting guard commitment Michael Frazier. Now that it is over he can look back on the good it has done him and look ahead to his future. That future includes a new high school and it also includes Florida, where he will bring his talents to play of which his deft shooting ability is what makes him elite.

Michael Frazier has been refining his basketball skills for years now and doing a bunch of that on the AAU circuit every summer. A schedule that can take high school aged boys away from home for 40 days or more during the summer, Frazier had a lot of fun but is now happy it is over.

"I am glad that I got to go out with my teammates," Frazier said of his AAU team. "It was a great group of guys, great summer, and great coaching staff. I am ready for the break because it was a long summer. I have been doing it for three years and in my tenth grade year I played all three levels, 15, 16, and 17's."

For Frazier, getting better on the defensive side of the ball was a priority and he feels that he did just that in 2011.

"I think my defense really improved this summer," he said. "It was one of my main things I wanted to improve on."

With the circuit gone Frazier headed home for a while, but that didn't last long. He and his family made a decision for him to transfer to Montverde Academy and away from his home in Tampa. He will board in Montverde and spend his senior season at the school. There are mixed feelings about the move, but in all he was ready.

"I'm excited but sad because I have to leave my family," he said. "But, it will give me a chance to grow up so I am looking forward to it."

At Montverde, Frazier is going to have a chance to team up with a group of very talented players that have a chance to do some damage in the playoffs this year. 6-10 center Landry Nnoko, joins five-star 2013 point guard Kasey Hill and more solid players on a roster that should intimidate quite a few this year. It's a group he has yet to really get to know.

"It is very exciting, we should win a lot of games and be pretty good," Frazier said. "I played against Landry and Kasey in AAU, but have never played with them.

The Florida Gators would like to get in on Frazier's teammates and have let him know. Frazier says John Pelphrey is a coach that he probably talks to the most as they stay on top of the Gator commitment.

"Coach Pelphrey calls but all of them call me," Frazier said. "I think Coach Pelphrey is the one that probably calls me the most."

The Gators are always looking for shooters and Frazier may very well be the best in the entire 2012 class at that particular skill.

"My strength is definitely my shooting," Frazier said. "I spend a lot of time shooting every day."

Amazingly enough Frazier doesn't really have a limit to his range. He can and does shoot from just about anywhere on the court. His dad has instilled the attitude that he can make anything and he does.

"When I first started shooting, my dad had me under the goal," Frazier said. "Then he just kept backing me up and backing me up, and now I just feel very comfortable from shooting three steps inside the half court line. I just take shots wherever."

Consider Frazier an assassin with the ball in his hands. He has ice water running through his veins when it is time to take a shot… any shot.

"If I have confidence I can make anything," he said. " I don't think my confidence ever waivers. If I miss a few, I know I have to just keep shooting, keep my legs, and make sure my aim is right. My dad always told me I have to keep shooting because it is the only way to get out of it."

And anywhere on the floor is considered a safe shooting zone.

"As long as it is a good shot (open), then I never second guess any shot I take," he said.

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