Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

Will Muschamp realizes that things are getting close. He is now three days from his first game at the head coach of the school he grew up rooting for. Muschamp spoke with the media on Wednesday morning's SEC Teleconference for the final time before the Gators open the season on Saturday, discussing injuries, his relationship with Jimbo Fisher and John Brantley.

Q: "What's the injury update?"

A: "Jeremy Brown ran yesterday, but he's still questionable for the game. Omarius Hines is still questionable. A.C. Leonard is out for the game. Dee Finley went to the doctor today. He's meeting with them, and I'll know more this afternoon. He practiced yesterday, non-contact."

Q: "Do you still own the beach house with FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher? How much do you like going head-to-head with him?"

A: "We still own the beach house together. I'll be honest, it's about preparing your team and getting your team ready to play. I would prefer not to go against people you have close friendships with. I've got great respect for Jimbo as a coach and person. He and his wife Candy and their two children are friends of our families. I don't like going against Derek (Dooley) or Nick (Saban) or Jimbo, or anybody you've got a great relationship with because somebody is going to walk out of there disappointed. When it comes down to game day, there won't be two people in the state who want to win that game more than Jimbo and myself."

Q: "What are your thoughts on Texas A&M potentially joining the SEC, and how would that effect recruiting?"

A: "I've been more focused on Florida Atlantic. From a recruiting standpoint, we're going to recruit the state of Florida. We certainly recruit nationally because of our academic reputation. We're appealing to a lot of players. If some of those are in Texas, then so be it. It's a great state of high school football and the head coaches are outstanding."

Q: "Have you done anything different in preparing for your first game as a head coach?"

A: "I've just prepared like I always do. I've gotten over on the offensive practice field and seen the special teams, managing our football team and getting ready for the weekend. I've gone to the hotel to get all those schedules done, so there's a little more on your plate as far as that's concerned. I've prepared the same as when I was a coordinator."

Q: "Do you know how emotional you'll be?"

A: "Well, I plan on being emotional. That's kind of me, but don't let it cloud your judgment on game day."

Q: "What kind of influence did your brothers have on you as a person and a coach?"

A: "It starts with my father, who played at North Carolina. He was a high school coach but got into administration because he couldn't beat his cross-town rival. Weekends were full with football. That's what we did. We learned a lot about competition, and they were great role models."

Q: "How are you feeling about the soreness in John Brantley's back and does that make it more likely to get a backup quarterback or two into the game?"

A: "John has had a good week, and he's our starting quarterback. I'm really pleased with his progress. He has really responded well to the treatments and things that we've done. We'll cross the game in the bridge when it presents itself, but John is our starting quarterback and we've got all the confidence in the world in him."

Q: "What kind of conversations did you have with Jimbo Fisher after you took the job at Florida?"

A: "More than anything, it was just a congratulations. He knew about my time growing up in Gainesville and being in the SEC and how important it was to me. We don't share a whole lot of notes. I've got great respect for Jimbo and the job he's done at Florida State."

Q: "How comfortable is John Brantley in what Charlie (Weis) does?"

A: "I think if you look at the situation as a player, what fits his skill set? I think what Charlie does fits his skill set. He's a quarterback that throws the football with play actions. We've tailored things for him. The biggest thing is, we need to play well around him. The quarterback gets a lot of credit when things go right but gets too much blame when things don't go right. We need to play well around John, and we didn't in the spring game. I'm looking forward to getting our full unit out there Saturday."

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