Muschamp Call-In Show Q&A

Will Muschamp held his first call-in show on Thursday evening before the Gators host Florida Atlantic to open the season on Saturday night.

Q: "What's going to be on your mind when you run out of the tunnel Saturday night as the Florida head coach?"

A: "We better win. It's about making good decisions with our football team. I'm very involved with our defense. As you prepare throughout the week, you're practicing for a game. I'll be excited and I know our players will be excited, but more than anything, focus on your job on game day."

Q: "Talk about Andre Debose."

A: "Andre is a guy who is a talented kick returner. He's a guy that we really like. Andre had a great year returning kicks last season. We're really excited about him in the return game."

Q: "How important is it to have a vertical aspect to the passing game?"

A: "There's no question you have to take the top off the defense. You've got to threaten the defense or they will suffocate you. You can tweak your defense based on the type of passing game you're facing. We're a team that's going to stretch the field and spread the field with our speed."

Q: "Coach Meyer instituted new traditions like Gator Walk and going over to the band after a victory. Are you keeping those?"

A: "Yes. The Gator Walk is outstanding. After a victory, singing the fight song is important. We did that after a scrimmage a few weeks ago with the band in the stadium. Urban did so many good things here. The worst thing you can do in taking over a program that has been so successful is to change things for the sake of change. I evaluate things that I thought were working, and there's a lot of things that are working here. I'm not changing things for the sake of changing them."

Q: "Can you talk about Frankie Hammond's development?"

A: "We're very impressed with Frankie as a young man. He's very consistent at the wide out position, a consistent blocker who has consistent hands. He does a phenomenal job on our special teams. He gives great effort every day and has a big smile on his face every time you see him."

Q: "It seems like in recent years there have been a lot of penalties from movement on the offensive line. Have you guys run any drills to train the linemen not to jump?"

A: "We use a lot of crowd noise at practice. A lot of times your procedure penalties are form lack of communication or it isn't as good as it needs to be. You've got to concentrate more on both lines of scrimmage. We do work on that a lot and I feel like we've been pretty clean with it since our first scrimmage."

Q: "How much have you emphasized turnovers?"

A: "You look at the five losses last year, and I don't know the exact stats, but I think we were negative 13 or 14. It goes back to how important that stat is. You've got to have the ball on offense and get it on defense."

Q: "Can you talk about Jordan Reed at tight end?"

A: "I plan on Jordan getting really tired every game. There may be times he wants to come off, and I signal him to stay out there. He is an outstanding player. He's a very gifted athlete with great ball skills. We've created a lot of mismatches with him. I haven't covered him since we've been here. We're very excited about Jordan and what he brings to our offense."

Q: "What players have stood out to you this fall?"

A: "I look at a collection of guys. In the secondary, Matt Elam has stood out to me and played consistently. Both linebackers Jelani Jenkins and Jon Bostic have played consistently from camp to the first game week. Up front, Dominique Easley has been really disruptive in what he has done."

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