Demps Talks of Team Unselfishness

Jeff Demps let us in on a little behind the scenes feelings for this 2011 version of the Florida football team. Forget what transpired a year ago and why, this team is an unselfish bunch according to the senior running back from Groveland. Demps practiced what he was preaching after the game praising his teammates despite a very successful night of his own.

It was a huge weight off the shoulders for this Florida Gator team that really hasn't looked good even winning a game in a long time. Jeff Demps let us know that there was some pressure coming in.

"It felt different after this win with the new coaching staff," Demps said. "For us to get off to a good start like that tonight it felt good, a lot of pressure was lifted off of us."

The team has rallied around new head coach Will Muschamp and has really fed off of the enthusiasm and passion that the Gator coach brings to the table. As a group they gave back after the game.

"We gave Coach Muschamp the game ball just to show him how much we care and want to play for him," Demps said.

The unselfishness was never more apparent when we all watched two running backs getting 12 and 11 carries each and three and six catches each as Demps and fellow senior Chris Rainey did. Add in the fact that the receivers were blocking so well on the edge to make it all work, this was a total team effort.

"It feels good, just guys sharing the ball and not being selfish," Demps said. "We can spread the ball and get the ball in different guy's hands to make plays, it feels good. Everybody feels like they contributed in the game."

Demps also gave it up to the guys up front that blocked for he and Rainey. The offensive line averaged for six yards a carry, no sacks, and 468 total yards on the day. The line was a big question mark coming into the game. Demps didn't seem to think it was a surprise at all.

"The offensive line played great," Demps said. "I think a lot of people doubted them over the summer, but in my heart they are the best offensive line in the country. Without them and their work tonight there wouldn't have been any of us."

Again Demps says it is that chemistry and unselfishness that has guided the line to be as good as they are.

"They're just together and when they are together, you want to play for one another and leave it all out on the line," he said. "They play hard each and every snap and I think that is what they did tonight."

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