Sturgis Back in the Groove

Florida kicker Caleb Sturgis was anxious to get on the field this past weekend against FAU. His first field goal of the game, a 51 yarder, showed no signs of previous season's influence from back pain and boosted Sturgis' confidence. The Florida kicker caught up with the media and on Tuesday to discuss how he felt about his first game back and more.

Caleb Sturgis was confident that his name was going to be called Saturday night when it was fourth down, the ball was on the 34 yard line and there was a chance to get points on the board. He knew that the likelihood of a punt was slim and he had confidence in his special teams.

"I was a little nervous," Sturgis said "I mean, any kick I would have been a little nervous for the first time back in a year but it snapped to the holder perfect and there was a lot of blocking so it felt pretty comfortable out there."

Sturgis spent the last nine games of last season out of commission due to a stress fracture and herniated disk. After fall practice, he is feeling like his old self again with the right mind set and a strong leg. He said during preseason practice that the 50-yard range would not be a problem and he proved that Saturday night.

"I think that the field goal team did a good job proving in two-a-days that we will be good at that distance."

Keeping his back safe is a top priority this year. Yet when it comes to altering technique in order to protect it, Sturgis has found that the altering is not an option. Although extra precautions are taken in order to insure the safety and health of his back, technique is vital.

"That is one thing that I try not to do," Sturgis said "I mean, last year I tried to do that and change things in order to put less stress on it and that messes up the technique and how you handle the ball so that is one thing I try not to focus on."

The win over FAU helped get out the first game jitters and Sturgis is ready for the weeks to come.

"I'm glad that we have a few games before we start SEC but I feel comfortable out there."

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