Hammond: Receivers and Weis Growing Familiar

Whether it's blocking for teammates or it's making the first down catch, Wide Receiver Frankie Hammond enjoys contributing to the success of the team any way that he can. Hammond spoke to Florida Media and FightingGators.com about those contributions and hthe relationship that he and his offensive teammates have with new Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis.

"Overall I think we did pretty well," Frankie Hammond commented about the team's performance against FAU. "There is still some stuff to clean up, I mean we still made some mistakes and there are still some things that we need to correct and just move forward from."

Like any typical opening game of the season, there are some bloopers and kinks that need to be fixed. Mistakes and mental errors that could have possibly affected the outcome of the game had calls gone differently. For example, Hammond losing the ball after being tackled this past game but the ruling indicated him down before losing it. Hammond recognizes this and always sees room for improvement in him and the team.

"Everything from route detail to blocking to just doing my assignments," Hammond said that he sees he could use improvement on. "We can improve, everywhere, whether its communication routes or play calling, to running the route to run blocking. We made little mistakes everywhere that we can clean up on. It's just getting together and getting together as a whole so we can get on the same page."

Making sure that bond as a team is there is important this year because so much of the Florida offense has become dependent on blocking and trusting your teammates to have your back. With the speed and ability of running backs Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey, Hammond has no problem blocking for them if that's what he has to do.

"We just embrace it because Weis has put so much emphasis on Demps and Rainey and their speed so we don't have to hold the blocks for that long because they will get behind us real quick. So he has put emphasis to block and let them get an open field and let them do what they can do."

"It's just trusting your offense and just knowing your assignment and knowing what you have to do. It's just when you see it happen, you see him springing and you see his number run by you, and you knowing that you blocked for your teammate and you're doing everything for the team, it's a great feeling."

As far as the connection between player and coach, Hammond respects Weis due to his experience but is not timid when it comes to asking questions about plays or making suggestions.

"If we have a question or a dilemma, we're not scared to come up and ask him." Hammond stated. "He will break it down and coach it up and we will have our little disputes but at the end of the day we get it all squared away. But when he says something, he has run that playbook for forever, so I'm pretty sure he knows the ends and outs of it, he's seen it work at the top level so it works."

Weis is also understanding of what the players see and feel when they are on the field. Minor adjustments may be made to make it more suitable for the offense simply because Weis isn't in their shoes seeing the details of every spot on the field.

"He doesn't see what we see on the field, so if we come off and are like this guy is playing this kind of way, so can we do this or run this sort of route? Certain situations he will be like yeah but most of the time its keep it there. But he gives and takes because he understands that we are football players and he's not actually there with us and doesn't know what we saw. So when we go back and break it down, we can tell him exactly what we saw so he can understand why we did that or why we did this."

With UAB having a change in defensive philosophy this year, slight changes like this may need to be made this next weekend. With no proof of what the defense is going to be like, a little bit of a guessing game is going to have to be played. Yet Hammond is keeping the right set of mind by preparing for each game as if it's a championship.

"(We) can't take any team for granted because they are going to give you their best shot, so we have to be prepared."

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