Fulwood: "It was Unreal"

His Jacksonville Bishop Kenny team is off to a 2-0 start in this 2011 season and in large part due to his performances. Ahmad Fulwood is a 6-3, 200 pound freakish receiver and all he seems to do is score touchdowns. Fulwood spent last Saturday night in The Swamp for Florida's home opener and you could say this dynamite pass catcher came away extremely impressed, enough so that he will be back.

A 31-7 win over Middleburg followed by a 28-14 win over Fletcher seem to be sidebars for Ahmad Fulwood in his quest to win a championship and perform at an All-American level in the 2011 season. Fulwood has six catches for about 165 yards in two games, but has managed to turn an astounding four of those six catches into touchdowns in the process.

The touchdown maker is also a great student who actually has been given a bit of a reprieve from all of the recruiting calls once the college football season started.

Last week, Fulwood made his way to Gainesville for Florida head coach Will Muschamp's debut as the lead Gator. Fulwood got more than he expected once he arrived on campus that day.

"It was my first college night game and it was unreal," Fulwood said. "It was the greatest game I have ever been to. Even though the score was lopsided, the atmosphere with 92,000 fans in the Swamp, it was just like they were playing Alabama that night. It was crazy. All the coaches were amped up and it was just fun.

"When Florida had the ball it was quiet and you could hear everything going on. When FAU had the ball you could barely even process a thought. It was crazy."

Fulwood was really impressed with the amount of time the Gator coaching staff was able to spend with him that night before and after the game. Receiver coach Aubrey Hill, offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, and Muschamp all made an impression on him Saturday.

"Coach Weis told me before the game to ‘just watch the offense, because I can see you in there and I know you can see you in there, it will be a really good game for us. We have some young receivers in there and they are excited.' He told me to just enjoy it.

"Coach Muschamp was just excited that I was there for the first game of the season.

"Coach Hill just told me some of the same stuff… that they had some young receivers that were going to play and that ‘Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps were going to get a few touches.' It will be a big game for our receivers. Afterward he said ‘I told you', and that 'Coach Weis is a genius and he knows where to put the ball in our receiver's hands.'"

The deep balls didn't come in bundles but the ever intelligent Fulwood watched intently and saw that the offense under the guidance of Weis is going to be something special at Florida.

"That pro-style offense is something serious," he said apparently shaking his head on the other side of the phone call. "It is definitely something I want to be in."

The whole atmosphere was huge too and left an indelible impression on him.

"Being at that game it's a place I could see myself playing on a Saturday night," Fulwood said. "There were so many exciting moments about the game. The coaches talked to me like they did their own players which I appreciated it a lot. Coach Hill and I have created a bond in the last few months and the same with Coach Weis. Every time I go, it gets better and better."

He only has one absolute college game he will see this fall, but there are several others calling his name that he just hasn't decided on yet.

"The next game that I know for sure I am going to is Florida-Alabama," he said. "There are a couple of others that are possible… LSU-Alabama, Auburn-Alabama, going to see Louisville, Clemson, South Carolina, USF, Miami, or FSU, there are some games we are still trying to decide on."

And he has set up somewhat of a timetable to limit his schools of interest and then to move on to a commitment.

"I am probably not going to limit the teams I am looking at until after the football season," Fulwood said. "Then, I probably won't make a decision till after the spring."

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