Brantley and Weis Working on Efficiency

Getting into the flow of the offense in terms of what Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis wants means you better know what you are doing, you better be ready to do it quickly, and you better be able to follow through with the play that is called. John Brantley is steadily being able to do all of the above and is finding himself and his new coordinator more and more on the same page.

According to John Brantley, there seems to be a real plan to make the Florida offense not only effective, but efficient and easy to run. A machine like formula from calling the play, to running it on the field, to the eyes in the press box noticing tendencies of the defense, to Weis calling the next play to start over again… it all is shrunk to its simplest form for Brantley to use on the field.

"It's nice," Brantley said about having Weis dictate to him a sequence of plays and ideas for the next series when the two are on the sidelines. "He has the people upstairs tell him what is going on and having him right there and getting the feedback from him helps me out a lot throughout the game."

What Brantley has found out, making things even simpler, is that Weis is a guy that doesn't like to vary much from a game plan if he can keep from doing so.

"He'll make a few minor adjustments from a formation that he sees because of the defense," Brantley said. "Other than that, there is nothing too major."

He also knows that Weis is already ahead of the game on every play. Knowing what he will call next depending on the outcome of the current play and able to express that play to Brantley within a series as quickly as possible after the ball is down.

"Coach Weis likes to get the play in real quick and gets real mad if we have a delay of game penalty," Brantley said. "Every time I looked to the sideline, Coach Weis had a play ready for me. That just helps because everyone has time to think what their assignment is and gets everything moving."

Brantley is also seeing eye-to-eye most of the time with Weis during film study.

"I can sit right there with him and even if I don't (understand), he knows how to make it easy for me to understand," Brantley said.

All of the efficiency resulted in a pretty good night for the Florida offense. It was a group that a year ago struggled to look good at anything.

"I think we played really well," Brantley said. "We have some stuff to clean up like blocking schemes and different looks they threw at us, but we did pretty well."

Brantley said his major issue is making sure he moves his feet right. It is something that should be second nature and you really don't think about when the game is going on.

"I need to work on some footwork," he said. "It is a little different footwork in this offense. I need to carry that over from practice to the game. You don't really think about that during the game and I just need to carry it over a little bit more."

Both the run game and passing game were in a pretty good rhythm Saturday, but the Gators would like to throw a little more to the receivers on the roster. Brantley says he believes that is coming to a group of guys that have really worked hard.

"Absolutely, they did a great job Saturday night," Brantley said of the receivers. "We have all the confidence in the word in them and we are just going to keep giving them the ball."

Sophomore Andre Debose was terrific in limited time and his play will likely mean he will see an increase in playing time.

"Andre Debose has matured a lot since last year," Brantley said. "He had a great camp and worked really hard. It showed Saturday night and hopefully he just keeps producing moving forward."

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