Burton Looking Ahead To Tennessee

Gainesville, FL- After an early injury against FAU, Trey Burton was ready to get back on the field when the Gators welcomed UAB to the Swamp. Many have referred to Burton as a "program guy" and he couldn't agree more. Burton says he doesn't mind floating between positions and adds he just wants to help the team out any way he can.

On Saturday, Trey Burton averaged 7.7 yards a carry, totaling 49 yards and a touchdown in the Gators 39-0 victory over UAB. Burton's first touchdown of the season came when Charlie Weis opened up the playbook showing a new backfield with Burton lined up at quarterback and Chris Rainey at running back. After faking the handoff of Rainey, Burton carried it in for 5-yards and the score. "It's fun; I love doing stuff like that. It's a lot of fun for me; I did it in high school and last year too," Burton said.

Burton says he just wants to be out on the field and make an impact for his team. When Charlie Weis arrived to the University of Florida, Burton told him he would "play wherever he saw me playing, it's his offense and he does what he wants to do," Burton said.

While he doesn't mind floating between positions, Burton says his favorite position is quarterback, "I like running the option," Burton said. As far as taking more snaps at tailback, Burton says he will play wherever he is needed. "I just try to help the team out, I will do whatever I can," Burton said. "If that's what Coach Weis wants me to do then he will have me, I enjoy it."

Looking ahead to week 3, the Florida Gators will open SEC play against Tennessee on Saturday, something Burton is looking forward to.

"I am really excited. It's a big game for us and it's always fun to play SEC games because they count," Burton said. "It's a conference game, you know our goal is to get to Atlanta and if we don't win this game then we won't get to Atlanta so these are obviously more important then the other games."

Over the first two games of the 2011 season, the Gators outscored their opponents 80-3. While both teams they faced were unranked opponents, Burton says it was good preparation for Tennessee.

"The first two teams we played aren't horrible teams, they are pretty good teams," Burton said. When a reporter pointed out that FAU was held to just 45 yards against Michigan State Burton responded, "I mean they played us before, they were a little beat up," he joked. "They both gave us challenges especially with the first game of the year for FAU and UAB was a little better team. UAB played a lot of teams close last year as you guys know, so I think it was a good test for us."

While the last two games in the Swamp failed to sell-out, Burton says he isn't concerned about the crowd and adds Ben Hill Griffin Stadium has been as loud as ever.

"I heard UAB brought back like 5,000 tickets, so that may have had something to do with it but, the Swamp is the Swamp," Burton said. "It's a big SEC game at Home, the crowd is going to be amped up, it's just a big game."

Burton says his favorite Tennessee memory comes from the 2006 season when Chris Leak led the comeback against the Vols. "It was a big game at Tennessee and we showed a lot of heart," Burton said.

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