Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

Will Muschamp expects his team to be at full strength against Tennessee this weekend. The Gators will get Sharrif Floyd back from ineligibility and Jeff Demps back from injury for the start of conference play. Muschamp also spoke about Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray and Dee Finley's status on Wednesday's SEC Teleconference.

Opening Statement: "Tennessee is coming to The Swamp this weekend, and we're looking forward to that opportunity. They're a very explosive team with (Justin) Hunter and (Da'Rick) Rogers on the outside and (Tyler) Bray is playing very well at quarterback. They run the ball well and use play actions off that. Defensively, they play hard with a lot of multiple looks. A lot of respect for those guys, and we're looking forward to playing on Saturday."

Q: "After the first two weeks, how much do you expect to show something new with the scheme, and how much have you really shown in the first two weeks?"

A: "We game plan every week to win the game. That was the case in the first two games and the third. If the game changes, you change your play calling and what you're doing based on the score. In the first two, we got up early, played well at times and may not have done things that we had planned for in the game. We don't go in holding stuff for another opponent. We prepare to win the game. Whether or not we call them in the game depends on the situation of the game."

Q: "How much do you make sure your Florida secondary is ready for the challenge of Bray?"

A: "I look at the stats and this guy is completing close to 80% of his passes. It's pretty easy to get ready. He's been very accurate with the ball, not just in intermediate but also vertically. He's got two explosive guys outside. We've got our work cut out for us."

Q: "What is Dee Finley's status after he was arrested on Monday?"

A: "I'm handling that. We'll work through that. That's where we are."

Q: "What do you remember about coaching against Derek Dooley in practice when you guys were on opposite sides of the ball at LSU?"

A: "Derek's a smart guy and extremely hard working. He's very detail oriented in his approach to everything we did. He did a great job with our special teams. He's a guy who sees the big picture. He's a detailed oriented coach and it shows with his team."

Q: "What does Sharrif Floyd bring back to your defense?"

A: "He's a really good player. He's probably the most respected player in our locker room. He's just a great young man and a guy who brings a lot of passion and energy to our team. On top of that, he's a really good football player. God has blessed him. He's as hard working of a kid as we have on this football team."

Q: "You said Jeff Demps had a shoulder injury. Is it the same shoulder that bothered him last year?"

A: "He's fine. He's going to be fine. He's practicing."

Q: "About Sharrif Floyd, has he made the necessary payment plan to be eligible to play this weekend?"

A: "They've handled it. He's playing."

Q: "Do you know which charity it's going to?

A: "I have no idea. It'll be a good one though."

Q: "With possible move of Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech to the Pac-12 to create the first super conference, is there any concern that the recent dominance of the SEC could be over?"

A: "No. The SEC, because of the recruiting base, coaches and attention paid to the football program, I would not see that happening."

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