Special Chat Wednesday Night

The Scout.com and FOXSports family of networks is workign hard for you to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of your Gators. That also means checking in with our opponents and seeing just what they bring to the table every Saturday. The fine and informative folks at InsideTennessee.com will join us Wednesday night in chat come check us out at 9:30 pm right here on FightinGators.com.

Florida and Tennessee square off for that latest in one of the country's best rivalries. The barbs are flying publicly and the fun all starts on Saturday

Wednesday night at 9:30 pm we will have two Insiders from InsideTennesee.com join us for a good ole' information session involving the Volunteers.

There should be lots of questions for Gator fans about these Vols with a fairly young offense that is just getting into stride and maybe an even younger defense that hasn't found its stride yet.

We hope you join us for a respectful and informative chat with our visitors, Danny Parker and Chris Price, who know as much about Tennessee football as anyone in the business.

Here is your link to join the action and you must be a paid subscriber to join.

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