Evans Confident Vs. Vols Talented Receivers

Gainesville (FL) - It is the start of conference play this weekend and Junior Safety Josh Evans believes that Florida defense is up to the test for what Tennessee has to bring. Knowing who their key players are, keeping them on their toes and attacking them early in the game is what Evans has in mind to secure the W. He caught up with media Wednesday to discuss the upcoming game.

"We are practicing really hard and getting ready for their receivers," Josh Evans told the Florida media on Wednesday.

It is finally that time of year for SEC foe to match up with SEC foe. The Gator defense has allowed only three points total on the board in the first two games of the 2011 season. One might say that it's time for the Gators to have a true test. Josh Evans says he is grateful for the first two games but is excited for Saturday to finally arrive.

"I wouldn't say that we haven't been tested the first two games," Evans says. "We are starting to get more in the SEC caliber and that is where the big test is."

What exactly does Florida plan on doing in order to ensure that the Tennessee offense is kept to minimum scoring? Evans described two key points that the secondary needs to do in order to be keep Tennessee's offense silent.

"I would say vision and knowing what type of personnel they have, who their deep threats are, and down and distance. They have certain plays that they want to go to on certain down and distances and I think we have planned that pretty well."

The defense has been playing good as a unit and Evans said that he doesn't believe that the secondary feels any more pressure than usual now that they are facing a conference team. He believes that as a team, the Gators will determine what the outcome of the game will be.

"It's up to everyone to do their job. So we aren't putting pressure just on the secondary, everyone is coming together as a team. Even the D-Line has given us the push up front to help the secondary, so I think that is what's been going on."

"The communication has been great lately," Evans also added. "We took steps as far as wanting to hold the defense and everything. It was a big adjustment for us but now we are starting to get the key values."

With Tennessee having big time receivers and Florida having confidence in their defensive backs, Evans believes that it is going to be a great competition on Saturday. If they proceed in a way that Evans described, Florida should have a successful weekend.

"We need to attack them early in the game, let them know that we are confident in our defensive backs and make them play Man-to-Man."

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