Brantley Looking to get WRs More Involved

Before all three games this season, the expectation was for the wide receivers to become more involved in the Florida offense. It hasn't happened yet. The coaches and offensive players blame the way the opposing defense has played, pointing to it opening up the flats for shorter passes to the running backs. After receivers caught only three passes against Tennessee, it could hurt UF in the future.

"They really haven't (been involved), but we have the plays in for them," John Brantley said. "When we go out there, we just want to take what the defense gives us."

After getting the job as the Florida offensive coordinator, Charlie Weis made it clear that he wasn't trying to trick anybody. The Gators would search on offense until they found a package that worked, and they wouldn't go away from it until the opponent proved they could stop it.

Through three games this season, no one has been able to stop Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey catching the ball out of the backfield. The duo of Rainey and Demps rank first and second respectively on the team in catches. Rainey leads the team with 214 receiving yards, and he's the only Florida players with more than 100 yards through the air.

"Coach Weis and the offense like to keep with what's working," Brantley said. "It's working for us so far, so they're just going to keep working and getting better."

Brantley made clear that he still trusts his receivers and thinks they have done "a fine job," but they haven't made an impact this season.

For now, the Florida offense will continue to throw to whoever the defense allows to be open.

"We'll keep taking those short routes as long as they want to keep giving them to us until they come up and play those and make us go deep," Brantley said. "On every play, you always want to get a profit."

The Florida offense got off to a blazing start against Tennessee, and that wasn't a coincidence. Weis scripted plays for the first few drives, and if red zone struggles didn't creep up again and force field goals, the Gators might have put the game away early.

Scripting plays opened up easy throws for Brantley and the Florida offense marched down the field. Brantley estimated that Weis usually scripts "what seems like two or three drives" and tries his best to stick with it.

During the week, the Florida offense is able to look over the script to become secure in the plays they will start the game with.

"I think it's a real good idea because it gives you a chance to look at what you're going to be running so you can get familiar with it," Brantley said. "(Weis) asks you what you feel comfortable with, and if you're comfortable with it, he sticks with it."

The team doesn't usually run the script of plays in practice. It's more about giving the players a chance to mentally prepare for how they will open the game.

"It's obviously important to have a fast start in any game," Brantley said. "We've just got to keep doing it this week."

The Gators will face their first road test this weekend as they travel to Lexington to take on Kentucky. Florida currently boasts a 24-game winning streak against the Wildcats, but the players won't let themselves think about it this week.

"We've got to put that in the past," Brantley said. "That's a cool thing, but we've just got to worry about this year and this weekend coming up."

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