Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

After opening the season with three home games, the Gators hit the road this weekend for the first time. Florida head coach Will Muschamp is engrained in routines before games, and he'll do his best to keep everything the same on the road. However, with 16 players in the two-deep traveling for their first road game, inexperience could be an issue.

Opening Statement: "I'm very pleased to be 3-0 heading to Lexington this week for our first road game. We've got 16 guys on the two-deep that haven't been on the road yet. It'll be interesting there. Kentucky is playing well defensively, giving up 13 points per game and they lead the SEC in kickoffs and punting. They're playing well."

Q: "What makes your unit so effective in blocking punts?"

A: "We have good players. We've got some guys who have special ability. There was a huge emphasis on special teams when Urban (Meyer) was here, and I've carried that over. Special teams are very important to me. I always talk to the players in term of wanting an opportunity to play in the NFL, it's the old Bill Parcells line where if you're not a quarterback or offensive lineman and you don't play special teams, you're a selfish player. Second thing is we have a lot of speed. You create space plays and have to have guys who can run."

Q: "What's your response to the report out of Kentucky that you guys illegally block punts by hooking offensive linemen?"

A: "We just play hard and coach hard. I'm real pleased with what we do. They didn't throw any flags on that play, did they? (Reporter says no) Okay. We just ran a guy through a gap."

Q: "Watching Jelani Jenkins and Jon Bostic together on the field, what makes you realize they play well together?"

A: "They played together last year and they're very close off the field. In my experience of coaching, guys who are close off the field generally have a bond. You watch those guys and how they carry over to the practice field and into the games, the communication happens. That position for us is critical because we're checking things up front and in the back end. They have to tie things back and forth. They're highly intelligent, driven young men. They see things a lot on the field."

Q: "What's the latest on Jordan Reed?"

A: "We've still got a shot. He's been moving around a little bit. He's still gimpy, but we've got a lot of time until Saturday. He can vertically stretch the field and change the game. It's just his lower body."

Q: "Was there ever any concern about Chris Rainey off the field?"

A: "I can only judge from the time I've been here, and he's done everything we've asked and then some. He's early to meetings and works hard in workouts and practice. He has been a great example for the rest of our football team.

Q: "When you come to a new school, do you go out of your way to address situations that happened before, like his arrest in 2010?"

A: "I would never say it's ignored. It's hard to really comment until you have all the information. A lot of times (reporters) don't have all the information and you have to write an article. Sometimes it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it? When I don't have all the information, I don't like to comment on stuff, but that's the difference I guess."

Q: "Is Rainey the type of player that should be in the Heisman conversation?"

A: "I think so. You look at the first three games and his production for our football team. He's running, catching, on special teams and returning. It's a long season and we need to play consistently well at his position. There's nothing that tells me he won't."

Q: "What's the importance of having multiple running backs?"

A: "We've consistently played a group of guys, and I think a lot of that credit should go to Charlie (Weis). He's identified that these guys are playmakers and what they can do for us. Let's narrow their role down based on their skill set. I think he's done a really good job of identifying what they do well."

Q: "Defensively, how hard is it to prepare for different styles from multiple running backs?"

A: "You look at what personnel they have on the field. We'll be anywhere from empty to three backs. That's what's difficult about preparing for our offense. There's a lot of multiple formations and shifts that happen with the same personnel on the field."

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