Communication Key for Jelani

GAINESVILLE (FL) - Linebackers Jelani Jenkins and Jon Bostic have not only improved communication during the offseason but have evolved a chemistry that is evident on the field. They are more than just teammates, they are friends off the field and Jenkins believes that the relationship has without a question helped their connection on game day.

"Off the field our friendship definitely helps out," Jelani Jenkins explained to the Florida media on Wednesday. "On the field we definitely trust each other a lot, and we're able to communicate a lot better."

The two starting linebackers are having an extremely successful start to the 2011 Gator football season. They discussed a lot on how the communication between the two of them had gotten stronger since last year. They have found alternative ways to pass information on the field in order to make sure one knows exactly what the other is doing.

"Playing in The Swamp on defense, you really need to be able to communicate really well because it gets really loud," Jenkins said. "With us communicating and giving hand signals and the other one not knowing what we're doing, we could be put in a real bad situation."

Jenkins believes that some of the bad plays that the two have made in the previous games this season are because there was miscommunication or no communication at all. He definitely feels that there has been an improvement since last season.

"These things (bad plays) happen because we didn't communicate well in The Swamp," Jenkins said. "We have to keep getting better at it, but I think it has helped us out.

"From last year, we were young. We weren't communicating as well as we are right now."

The two spend a lot of time together. From meetings, to film, to the practice fields and even class together, it's a good thing they have so many interests in common.

"We have some of the same interests, Jenkins said. "Just being together all the time, in the meeting room and then off the field, we're still talking football and still making jokes."

With their communication improving when competing in the swamp, Jenkins doesn't seem to be too worried about his communication with Bostic when at away games such as Kentucky.

"It's easier to communicate on the road, because (the opposing fans are) usually quiet for the offense."

As far as how pleased he is with the defense this year, Jenkins couldn't be happier.

"I'm really enjoying this team, and I'm loving the players I have around me. I can't do anything without them."

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