Brantley Preparing for Alabama Defense

John Brantley knows he'll be in the film room a lot more this week. With the deception that Alabama tries to create from its defense, the only way to figure it out is by preparing as well as possible. The Crimson Tide's experience on defense allows them to switch things up, and Brantley expects to see multiple looks from Alabama this weekend.

"They're coached well and are very disciplined," John Brantley said. "They bring a lot of different looks at you and they don't bust coverages very often at all. Anytime you get a chance to bust a big play, you've got to take it."

Those chances won't come very often. The experience in the secondary gives Alabama an advantage over the Florida wide receivers that have combined to catch just 26 passes in four games this season. If the Florida receivers can't create space and get open, it will leave Alabama with even more possibilities on defense.

The Gators have gone downfield much this season, but if Alabama chooses to take away the short passes to running backs Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps, Brantley said they wouldn't be afraid to go deep.

"Anytime we can throw the ball downfield, we will," Brantley said. "We'll just take what the defense gives us and try to protect up front.

"I have a lot of confidence in my receivers. I have all the trust in the world in them."

It's the potential for different looks that has Brantley driven to put in a solid week of preparation. It's the best way he can get ready to face a defense that will use multiple looks to try and create confusion.

The experience in the Alabama defense allows them to disguise blitzes.

"It's preparation throughout the week," Brantley said. "You watch all the film you need to watch and try to get their tendencies. Then it's just executing what we've been doing since day one.

"There is very little room for error playing against them."

The players who spoke with the media on Monday had the same message. They won't play the matchup with Alabama up more than any other game. In Brantley's final regular season game against the Crimson Tide, he was one of the few players to admit that the game means more than others.

"There are certain games that bring the intensity," Brantley said. "When I say they mean the same as others on the schedule, different games do bring different intensities, but we just try to keep the same level intensity from game one to game ten."

Health won't be an issue for Brantley heading into the game. He was pulled out of the game near the end of the first half after taking a shot from a Kentucky defender on an incomplete pass on third down.

Brantley reentered the game in the second half and looked healthy before Jeff Driskel replaced him when the game got out of hand.

"I feel good," Brantley said Monday morning. "I took a couple shots, but that happens in football. (Nothing lingering) at all."

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