One More Stop for 5-Star Greene This Fall

You would think that all the AAU basketball traveling would be enough for some of these young star basketball players. Not for the likes of 6-7, 190 pound wing Brannen Greene who just started school and has already been to visit three different schools unofficially in the last few weeks. There is at least one stop left this fall for Greene as he prepares for a big junior season.

Brannen Greene made a recent trek to the northeast and got a taste of the IVY League. From Forsyth (GA), five-star basketball players aren't usually that interested in such prestigious academics, but Greene not your normal five-star prospect.

"I'm big on academics and so is my family," Greene told Sunday afternoon. "I have a 4.0 GPA and my parents stress grades. B's aren't accepted in my home."

So, Greene took a trip to Boston and checked out one of the finest institutions of further leaning in all of the United States. "Harvard was great," he said. "I had a really good time."

Then it was a journey over to Storrs (CT) to see more of a traditional basketball power house. This isn't a slight on the academics, if they were poor, Greene wouldn't be looking into Connecticut.

"At UConn I really felt the tradition," he said. "I have a couple of friends that go there so I got to see them."

A week earlier, Greene started the fall taking in a football game weekend at a school that is known for both football and basketball. Florida is the only school in the country that can boast two national championships in the last six years in BOTH sports. And one of only a few that has done it ever.

Greene showed up in Gainesville on opening weekend of the football season and got to see what Gators fans are all about. He will be back to check out the basketball game atmosphere.

"It was great," he said of the trip. "The fans were very supportive and full of energy. It was a great college town. I am absolutely going back for a basketball game."

His only planned trip for the rest of the fall is "October 15th at Kansas". Greene says that his stock is up and he is ranked so high by recruiting analysts and college coaches because, "My versatility… I can play the 1,2,or 3. (They like) my shooting ability, ball handling, and athleticism."

If there were areas to improve in, Greene says that he wants to get better at, "my defense and I just want to continue to improve and be student of the game."

Greene is a long way from choosing a program to spend his time in college, but in the end he knows that decision will be based on "My relationship with the coaching staff."

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