Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

As preparation continues for the Alabama game on Saturday, head coach Will Muschamp doesn't expect any surprises with the health of his team. He said on the SEC Teleconference Wednesday that Jeremy Brown is still the only player expected to miss the game. Muschamp doesn't want to get ahead of himself, but he should have a good barometer on his team after Saturday.

Q: "What will the addition of Texas A&M do to recruiting in the SEC?"

A: "I think more of the West teams benefit more because of location. A lot of those guys in Texas grow up wanting to be Longhorns or Aggies, and Oklahoma has done a good job there. We recruit nationally and if there's an attachment to Florida for a player from Texas, we'll certainly recruit him if they're athletically and academically what we're looking for. I think it'll open up a little bit, but I don't think you'll see a huge change."

Q: "So it doesn't change your approach at all?"

A: "We're going to take care of the state of Florida. We're going to win championships with players from the state of Florida. That's what we do first, then the southeast regions and a couple guys nationally that we feel can make a difference."

Q: "Is the month of October a good measuring stick for where this program is?"

A: "I'm really focused on Alabama. I hate to be boring with the answer, but that's what I'm concerned with."

Q: "How close are you to where you wanted to be going into this tough stretch in October?"

A: "Exactly. We're 4-0 and that's what we wanted to be. I approach the season as a bunch of one-game seasons. This week is our season, and next week that will change. I don't really look at the total part until it's over with. Where we are now is where we wanted to be."

A: "Three of our first four games changed quickly in the score, and that changes how you call the game. A lot of game situation dictates how it happens. You have to be multiple against Alabama. You're not going to be one-dimensional and have success. You've got to stay balanced and be effective and efficient in both areas."

Q: "What's your impression of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron?"

A: "I think he's been very efficient with only two interceptions this season. He's taking the ball to the right spot and they're close to the top in total offense. They're 4-0. I think he's been pretty good. He has been efficient, and the quarterback position gets way too much credit when things go well and blame when things aren't going well. They're played well around him, and he has played well."

Q: "How important is stopping Trent Richardson on Saturday?"

A: "It's really important. He's an outstanding player with a low center of gravity and outstanding vision. He's a one cut guy. When he sees the hole and goes north to south, you barely see any negative run plays. He's an outstanding player. You've got to gang tackle the guy. We need to do a good job tackling and wrapping up, which at times in the secondary, we have been very average."

Q: "What does running the football do for a team?"

A: "Running the football creates toughness on your football team. You'll come on times in your schedule in the red zone or end the game where it's just about toughness. That's why I always wanted us to be balanced. When you're a one dimensional, you make it easy on the defense. When you're multiple and balanced in what you do, now you get them a little uncomfortable. It's a total program deal to me with running the football.

Q: "What about the run game that you guys have this year?"

A: "Charlie (Weis) has used them really well. The perimeter run game has been good, but we've run the ball inside. That's something we're committed to doing regarding our backs because if you do one thing too much, the defenses watch film, too. They're going to hold the edges if you don't run inside. We've been very effective with the inside and outside running game."

Q: "Has this Florida-Alabama game turned into a rivalry?"

A: "There have been some meetings in the last three or four years, but with both programs, the tradition speaks for itself. I'm just looking forward to playing in this Florida-Alabama game Saturday night."

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