Baseball Scrimmage Report- 9/28

The start of another season for the Florida baseball team yielded similar results in Wednesday's scrimmage. Key pitchers who will be counted on this spring were dominant on the mound. One pitcher struggled, but for Hudson Randall, Austin Maddox and Steven Rodriguez, it looked like the middle of conference play.

As always, these scrimmages don't go exactly like games. Head coach Kevin O'Sullivan can end an inning before the third out if the pitcher is throwing more pitches than they want, or they can simulate different situations for the pitchers to get out of.

Here's the play-by-play:

Freshman left-hander Corey Stump pitching:

(This inning started with the bases loaded and no outs.)

Nolan Fontana hit a sacrifice fly to left field. O'Sullivan then told the base runners to clear the bases.

Josh Tobias tripled over the center fielder's head.

Mike Zunino doubled to right field; Tobias scored.

Justin Shafer grounded out to third.

Vickash Ramjit doubled to left field; Zunino scored.

Tyler Thompson grounded out to second.

THOUGHTS: This was my first time seeing Stump throw, and he looked good. He's 6-6 with long arms and creates a lot of sink with his fastball. His changeup got a few swings and misses and looked like his best off-speed pitch on Wednesday. He didn't throw his breaking ball very much, and it looked like it needed work during warm ups. He has a lot of potential when he adds weight.

Junior right-hander Hudson Randall pitching:

Daniel Pigott popped out to second.

Zack powers fouled out to the catcher.

Brandon Sedell struck out swinging.

THOUGHTS: Randall was in midseason form. His velocity was 86-88. It is methodical how easy he makes it look to get hitters out. He was still deceptive with his fastball. He fell behind Powers in the count 2-0, and despite Powers sitting on a fastball, Randall still beat him with one. Randall struck out Sedell on a slider that had so much bite to it that Sedell almost fell over.

Austin Maddox pitching:

Jeff Moyer grounded out to first.

Sean Trent struck out swinging.

Connor Mitchell grounded out to the pitcher.

THOUGHTS: Maddox was 90-92 with his fastball, and Trent couldn't hold up his swing on a slider in the dirt. It was an easy outing for Maddox.

Hudson Randall pitching:

Preston Tucker tripled to right field.

Brian Johnson fouled out to the catcher.

Cody Dent struck out.

Alex Freedman struck out.

THOUGHTS: Randall worked around the leadoff triple with ease. The at-bat with Tucker was fun to watch though. It went seven pitches, including Tucker fouling two fastballs straight back to the screen. Randall was careful and nibbled on the corners of the strike zone before making a mistake that Tucker hammered.

Watching Randall pitching to the next three hitters was impressive. Dent and Freedman struck out on sliders in the dirt, and Freedman's came with a full count. Randall has confidence in all of his pitches regardless of the count.

Junior right-handerAustin Maddox pitching:

Nolan Fontana flew out to right field.

Josh Tobias flew out to center field.

Mike Zunino hit by a pitch.

Justin Shafer doubled to left field; scoring Zunino.

Vickash Ramjit flew out to center field.

THOUGHTS: Maddox breezed through the first 1.2 innings of his outing before getting hit. Shafer's double was a rope down the line, and Ramjit's fly ball was caught on the warning track in left-center field. It was a good outing overall for Maddox, and he will be a key member of the Florida bullpen this spring.

Steven Rodriguez pitching:

Cory Reid struck out looking.

Daniel Pigott struck out looking.

Zack Powers struck out looking.

THOUGHTS: It was similar to the relief outing in Omaha where Rodriguez completely shut down the Vanderbilt offense. He was in command of all of his pitches, but his cutter was untouchable. Hitters were talking in the dugout after their at-bats about how good the pitch was, estimating that it moved close to a foot.

Senior right-hander Greg Larson pitching:

Tyler Thompson walked.

Jeff Moyer doubled to right field.

Sean Trent reached on fielder's choice to shortstop.

Nolan Fontana hit a sacrifice fly to right field; scoring Thompson.

Josh Tobias grounded out to shortstop; scoring Moyer.

THOUGHTS: O'Sullivan ended this inning because of Larson's pitch count. His control wasn't good to start the inning, as he walked Thompson. His fastball command within the strike zone hurt him against Moyer, but he settled in after that. Fontana's sacrifice fly was hit hard, but Tobias and Trent hit the ball weakly.

Steven Rodriguez pitching:

Austin Maddox struck out.

Brandon Sedell struck out.

Preston Tucker grounded out to shortstop.

THOUGHTS: This is where things got ridiculous. After Sedell's at-bat, Rodriguez had faced eight hitters this fall and struck out all of them. As Tucker was walking to the plate, the players and coaches were joking that they just wanted him to hit a ball into fair territory. Tucker did, but barely. Rodriguez got in on his hands and almost broke his bat to get an easy ground out to shortstop.

Greg Larson pitching:

Mike Zunino singled to center; Josh Tobias pinch runs.

Tobias thrown out stealing second.

Justin Shafer singled to center field.

Vickash Ramjit singled to left field.

Tyler Thompson singled to first to load the bases.

Wild pitch scored Shafer, Ramjit moves to third and Thompson to second.

Jeff Moyer popped out to shortstop.

Sean Trent singled to left field; Ramjit and Thompson scored.

Nolan Fontana fouled out to third base.

THOUGHTS: Larson had a lot of bad luck this inning. Zunino broke his bat on the single. Shafer and Ramjit both had their singles bounce four or five times on the way through the infield. Thompson's single wasn't hit hard but first baseman Brian Johnson had to dive to stop it. Trent did hit a rope on his single over the shortstop's head. He's got a good swing and if he can become a more fluid athlete, he could become a very good player for Florida.

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