Burton Keeps Same Mindset Against Alabama

Running Back Trey Burton is keeping the same nameless/faceless attitude towards his opponents that he has had the whole season despite the fact that he is facing Alabama this weekend. Burton caught up with media and FightingGators.com to discuss his viewpoint on this weekend's game.

Sophomore Trey Burton is keeping the right mindset by not letting the hype of this weekend's game interfere with the same focus he brings to the field each week. Although he acknowledges the fact that Alabama is going to bring their A-game to the table, he feels that he will be prepared.

"We have been doing pretty well so far this year," Burton says. "But it's a new game and Alabama has a good defense with really good players."

Not concerned with how last year's game against Alabama made him feel, Burton instead is completely focused on the present and what is to come this year. With the new offense being more of a running game, Burton believes that this type of scheme will stack up just fine against Alabama. He also added that he feels the factor of the Wildcat formation adds dimension to the offense and is another thing to keep Alabama on their toes.

Burton believes that there is always room for improvement, and adding emphases on scoring and executing in the red zone could be the key to defeating Alabama.

"Every week, (red zone scoring) is our main problem, that's one of the things we have to focus on. "

He admits to being a little more pumped about playing Alabama compared to other games played previously this season. He says that big games like the one coming this weekend are why players go to schools like Florida and Alabama.

"It is the SEC," Burton said. "I mean you have to get a little more excited about an SEC game compared to a non-conference game."

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