Baseball Scrimmage Report- 9/29

The key to fall practice for the Gators will be the bullpen. With a majority of the lineup and all three weekend starting pitchers returning, the only unproven point is the middle relievers. Florida returns three key relievers to take care of the late innings, and if Thursday's scrimmage is any indication, there should be plenty of options in middle relief.

Freshman right-hander John Magliozzi pitching:

Nolan Fontana doubled to right-center field.

Nolan Fontana moved to third on a passed ball.

Josh Tobias struck out looking.<./p>

Justin Shafer singled up the middle; Fontana scored.

Justin Shafer stole second.

Mike Zunino grounded out to shortstop; Shafer to third.

Vickash Ramjit walked; Shafer scored on a wild pitch for ball four.

Vickash Ramjit stole second.

Sean Trent struck out looking.


Magliozzi got hit during this inning, but it's not hard to see why he comes to Gainesville highly regarded. He isn't big at all. He is listed at 5-10, but that looks generous. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in stuff. He has good life and sink on his fastball that sits in the low 90s. Location with the fastball is what hurt him during the first inning of work, but he should be fine. He isn't afraid to challenge hitters with his fastball, even in obvious fastball counts.

His changeup was well located and got plenty of swings and misses. He fell behind Tobias 2-0 before throwing back-to-back changeups to even the count and put him away with a fastball on the outside part of the plate. The changeup looks like easily his second best pitch. He also threw a curveball that is good enough to keep hitters honest.

At this point, he makes a lot of sense to me as the midweek starting pitcher to prepare him for a weekend role in 2013.

Sophomore right-hander Jonathan Crawford pitching:

Daniel Pigott singled to center field.

Brian Johnson flew out to left field.

Daniel Pigott thrown out attempting to steal second.

Brandon Sedell struck out swinging.


When Crawford is confident in his pitches, he can be very tough to hit. He had plenty of confidence Thursday. The hit he gave up to Pigott was actually just a great job of hitting. It was on a curveball, Crawford's best off-speed pitch, and it probably would have been low for a ball if Pigott didn't golf it into center field. Crawford bounced the curveball to get Sedell swinging.

John Magliozzi pitching:

Tyler Thompson grounded out to second.

Connor Mitchell grounded out to first base.

Nolan Fontana grounded out to second.


This was a much better inning for Magliozzi. He located the fastball much better and breezed through it. He will play a big role as a freshman this spring.

Jonathan Crawford pitching:

Austin Maddox struck out.

Preston Tucker doubled to right field.

Cody Dent grounded out to shortstop.

Cory Reid struck out swinging.


The sequence to Maddox was very impressive. Crawford got him on a curveball in the dirt where Maddox checked his swing on strike one. He came back with a fastball perfectly placed on the outside corner for strike two. Then he came inside with the fastball to get Maddox swinging for strike three. It was really an impressive outing for Crawford. Even the double to Tucker came on a pitch that had Florida head coach Kevin O'Sullivan applauding Crawford for the location.

Sophomore right-hander Keenan Kish pitching:

Josh Tobias struck out swinging.

Justin Shafer walked.

Mike Zunino reached on fielder's choice to shortstop; Shafer out at second.

Vickash Ramjit flew out to center.


Keenan Kish was good in scrimmages and games last season when he was throwing strikes. Walks plagued him from the start of scrimmages last year, but when he pitched in mop-up duties during games last season, Kish looked good. He gets good sink on all of his pitches and was filling up the strike zone on Thursday. The walk to Shafer came after Kish jumped ahead 0-2, but a long at-bat produced a walk for Shafer on some close pitches.

Sophomore left-hander Daniel Gibson pitching:

Alex Freedman doubled to left field.

Daniel Pigott out on sacrifice bunt to first base; Freedman to second.

Brandon Sedell struck out swinging.

Austin Maddox flew out to center field.


The key to Gibson isn't a secret. When he stays down in the strike zone, he gets hitters out. When he's up in the zone, he gets hit hard. He wasn't effective in most outings as a freshman, but he looked good on Thursday after pitching all summer in the Cape Cod League. He could be a big, left-handed piece of the bullpen this spring.

Keenan Kish pitching:

Sean Trent lined out to right field.

Connor Mitchell struck out swinging.

Nolan Fontana grounded out to first base.


It was a smooth, easy inning for Kish. He could be a reliever this spring or even be in the fight to be the midweek starter. The lineout by Trent was the hardest hit ball against Kish all day.

Daniel Gibson pitching:

Daniel Pigott struck out looking.

Brian Johnson grounded out to shortstop.

Preston Tucker strikes out looking.


Strike three to Tucker was Gibson's best pitch of the day. It came on a front door breaking ball that locked Tucker up, something that doesn't happen very often to the senior.

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