Different Year, Different Game for Floyd

All week long the Florida Gators brushed off comments about last season and the blowout loss they faced at the hands of the Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa. When things got going, they headed in the wrong direction for the Gators and never stopped. That was then, this is now and Sharrif Floyd says this team is a lot different and better prepared to stop the running game.

Sharrif Floyd doesn't want to hear about last year, personally his time in the Alabama game and most of the rest of the season was limited and feels this is an entirely different year.

"I had about five or six snaps in that game," Floyd said of the match up last year between Florida and Alabama. "A lot of the players on both sides of the ball are not there anymore, so the way I look at it as new players, new game."

Floyd thinks this defensive front is playing with a little more going for it right now.

"There is a big difference from last year," he said. "As a defensive line we have a lot more technique and have been learning from our coach and have been showing it on tape."

"I think it is a difference that we have a lot of guys around that care and want to see improvement and aren't just worried about ourselves."

Floyd says the gators can't get themselves about the aura of Alabama and what most people think of this match up. That includes star running back Trent Richardson who he respects, but knows he can't single Richardson out as the only thing they are facing.

"It is just another team we are going against," Floyd said. "We look at it as if he's just one player on their team. We go into it as if we are going into UAB or Tennessee it is just another game, they are just nameless and faceless."

"We aren't game planning against a certain player, we are game planning against Alabama."

They do know how important stopping the run is against Alabama. However, it is always at the top of their goals in every game to play the run first. And he knows stopping the run has to start up front.

"(That is) especially in the SEC, where a lot of teams want to run," he said about stopping the run. "It's the first thing you have to defend before the pass and you play run on the way to the pass.

"I feel like every game we come across is going to be defined on how we play up front. A lot of teams want to run on us, so we have to defend the run before the pass."

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