Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

Florida head coach WIll Muschamp isn't in an ideal situation, trying to figure out his starting quarterback as the Gators head to Baton Rouge this weekend. Freshman Jeff Driskel still has the lead in the quarterback battle, but that could change before kickoff on Saturday as Jacoby Brissett continues to get work.

Q: "What are your thoughts on Tyrann Mathieu after seeing him on film?"

A: "Ball hawk. He's an electric guy on the field that plays with great energy. He has a knack for getting the ball off people with strips and interceptions. He shows up in the right spots, regardless of what's being asked for him. Certain players have a certain knack to be in the right spots at the right times. He plays the game hard and is a physical player."

Q: "Depending on the future scheduling, there's a chance that Florida and LSU might not play every year in the future. What would you think about that?"

A: "It has been a great game through the year recently. That decision will be made by people far above my head. The Florida-LSU game has had national implications every year.

Q: "After not being a head coach for a long time, is your quarterback situation this week as tricky as it has been for you so far?"

A: "We have an outside offensive staff. We've prepared ourselves for injuries at all positions, including quarterback. It's unfortunate for John because he was playing his best football since he got to Florida. Our guys need to accept the challenge."

Q: "How have your quarterbacks looked in practice, and is Jeff Driskel still slated to start against LSU?"

A: "Jeff is ahead because of his playing experience, but we're repping all three guys. I feel very comfortable with our preparation with these guys."

Q: "Charlie Weis said it's easier this week because the game plan is focused around what these three guys can do. Have you seen that on their part making them more comfortable?"

A: "I certainly have. After the (Alabama) game, Charlie and I sat down and said we didn't know if we gave Jeff much of a chance because of the game plan and experience was because John had so much experience. It's tough when you prepare for your starter to play and then something happens. You've got to be able to adjust."

Q: "If Driskel starts, who would be your backup quarterback?"

A: "Jacoby Brissett."

Q: "How has your run defense done this week in making correction since Alabama?"

A: "We had a real good practice yesterday, but it needs to transfer to game day. That's the main thing. We had good preparation last week. It's about playing blocks and striking the guy in front of you. We didn't do that the other night. We had too much of the ball bouncing to the second level. We've got to play better up front."

Q: "Going from Alabama's defense to LSU's, do they look similar on tape?"

A: "Athletically, yeah. The front seven of LSU has a lot of guys. They've recruited well and have length up front with great speed. They're very athletic on the back end. You see length and size in the secondary. They both play a physical game. These are two of the better defenses in the league."

Q: "How difficult is it to face the LSU offense with Jordan Jefferson potentially getting some time this week?"

A: "They run their offense and do what they do. When Jefferson comes in, it's a different dimension. It's a one-back set but there are two runners. Jordan has won a lot of football games. He has been in the fire, as well as Jarrett (Lee). There is a different preparation when (Jefferson) is in the game."

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