Green Ready For The Challenge

After struggling against the Alabama defensive line, the Florida offensive line knew it had only one choice. The group accepted their failure and put in time in the film room to make up for its mistakes. They'll face a new challenge this week in an LSU defensive line that is faster off the ball than Alabama.

"We obviously struggled a bit, and we need to get better," right tackle Chaz Green said. "We're taking that on ourselves to get better this week. We've got to do better on protection. We don't like to give up any sacks, and that's one thing we pride ourselves on."

Green credited the size and strength of Alabama for giving them problems. Even when Alabama sent just four defenders after the quarterback, the Gators struggled to protect. Florida had given up just two sacks in the first four games of the season, but they allowed three to Alabama on Saturday.

The failure wasn't just in pass protection.

Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps carried the ball 14 times for eight yards against Alabama. The Crimson Tide dominated the line of scrimmage and didn't allow the quicker running backs to get to the edge. After running for 405 yards the week before against Kentucky and running the ball at will all season, the offensive line had a reality check against Alabama.

"It was rough because that's what we pride ourselves on," Green said. "We looked at the film, and we've got to correct our technique. It has to get back to where it was. Everybody has to pick their game up to get back."

After the 28-point loss to Alabama, Green has full confidence in his team's ability to rally and regroup. That challenge is made more difficult by traveling to No. 1 LSU this weekend.

"I don't have any doubt at all," Green said about his team staying focused. "I have the most confidence in this team. We had one bump in the road, but our goal is to get to Atlanta. It's still out there and still possible. I have the most confidence in our team."

It's a different look for the front seven that LSU will throw at the Gators this weekend. They run more 4-3 than the base 3-4 defense that Alabama used. The Tigers aren't as big in the front seven as Alabama is, but with that comes added speed that LSU brings.

"They're more lanky and a little bit quicker," Green said. "Their (linebackers) have more speed to them. They're not quite as big and strong, but they're a good team. It's a real good defense."

As the three inexperienced quarterbacks battle for the starting job this weekend, Green doesn't think it will be much of an issue for the offensive line. He pointed out that Jeff Driskel's athleticism is a positive over the other two quarterbacks, but it also brings change for the offensive line.

Driskel being agile means he can extend plays longer than other quarterbacks that are more prone to being stuck in the pocket.

"It's just something that you've got to be used to," Green said. "I wouldn't call it tougher. It's just something you have to know. With Driskel back there, he can make things happen with his feet, so you just have to hold your blocks longer."

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