Wenger Apologizes and Expects Better

Sixth year senior and transfer guard Dan Wenger is continuing to look ahead and not letting the outcome of the past weekend's game against Alabama have an effect on the game with number one LSU this weekend. Although senior quarterback John Brantley is out for at least LSU, Wenger says the mindset of the offensive line hasn't changed.

"We've learned from it and we are moving on." Wenger said. "Our primary focus is LSU and we are not looking back at anything that happened last week."

Dan Wenger addressed the Florida media on Wednesday saying that he had apologized to John Brantley for allowing two sacks that ultimately resulted in an injured Brantley late in the second quarter on Saturday.

"He understands that it wasn't intentional. " Wenger said. "I feel terrible about it, but we have to move on and we can't let it affect every game till he (Brantley) comes back, so we have to take care of business (referring to LSU)."

Putting it to rest and moving forward, he realizes he must move onto the next challenge ahead. He voices that LSU has great defense and that having the team perform at their best is key.

He doesn't seem to worry about the impact of a different quarterback, such as freshmen Jacoby Brissett or Jeff Driskel, who both are expected to get playing time this weekend. No matter who it may be, for Wenger, his duty remains the same.

"It doesn't change much, we still have the same job to do when the play is called regardless of whose back there in the huddle making calls from Coach Weis. Our job is to just pick him up, whoever he may be. Our jobs don't change based on who is back there."

A sixth year senior transfer from Notre Dame, Wenger has seen his fair share of athletes. He makes note that the athletes he sees in the SEC are something different.

"The athleticism and talent are higher then what I have seen in the past."

He is sure going to see more of that this weekend as he faces off against the number one team in the nation away from home turf, but he is up to the challenge.

"It isn't going to be an easy experience at all." Wenger said. "We can't be one dimensional. If we are, then the outcome of the game will show it."

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