Way too Many Mistakes Led to Loss

The Florida Gators have taken a couple of tough lumps the last two weeks and according to a lot of the players on defense, mistakes are a big part of it. The lopsided scores indicate totally mismatched opponents, but according to some on the team Florida is just making way too many mistakes. Florida defenders Lerentee McCray and Sharrif Floyd think these Gators will bounce back.

LSU got off to a torrid start scoring on the second play from scrimmage on a long pass for a touchdown from quarterback Jarrett Lee. Florida blitzed on the play and sophomore cornerback Cody Riggs gave the inside route to Rueben Randle who finished the play off with a touchdown.

These are the type of things they have to overcome in games against really good competition. According to sophomore defensive lineman Sharrif Floyd, it isn't so much they were outclassed and manhandled, they just have to get over these mistakes.

"I wouldn't say we were over-powered," Floyd old the media after the game. "I would say there were mistakes by us overall… We are killing ourselves. That is how we look at it and are going to move on to the next opponent.

"Mistakes killed us, so we have to fix the mistakes and once they are fixed we will be good."

Junior linebacker Lerentee McCray agreed with Floyd. This defense was just prone to mistakes against the number one team in the country.

"We just missed some assignments on defense and we have to get better," he said. "It hurts as a defense and a team and we have to get better."

There is no solace in losing twice, even if it is against the top two teams in the country. The mindset is on getting back in the swing and to get better.

"We don't care (who we lost to)," Floyd said. "We have to stand up and come back on Monday."

McCray again mirrored Floyd's sentiments.

"We have to go out and try to play defense for sixty minutes…," McCray said. "We will bounce back and get it right."

The defense was also in full support of an offense that was trying to make a very hodgepodge backfield try and do anything it could against the number one team in the land and a defense that was cat quick and explosive.

"We support everybody that plays on offense," Floyd said. "We know they are ready to get the job done. We just have to stay focused on both sides of the ball and work as a team and come out and do it again."

Two losses to teams in the western half of the conference means the Gators still control their own destiny in terms of making the conference championship game and playing for that championship. They also know there is work to be done if that is even close to a reality.

"We still control what we want to do," McCray said. "We have a lot of football to be played."

"At the end of the day we still control our own destiny," added Floyd. "We will have to rally up and work harder and do defense the Florida way."

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