Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

Florida head coach Will Muschamp isn't ready to name a starting quarterback. He reiterated on Wednesday's SEC Coaches Teleconference that freshmen Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett continue to split reps through practice and a decision on a starter won't be made until later this week. Muschamp also addressed the status of Dee Finley and his return to Auburn.

Q: "Is the ideal thing for one of the freshmen to take the quarterback job this week so you don't have to worry about it every week?"

A: "I'd love for one to step forward and be the guy. From an experience standpoint and knowledge of the system, they're so similar. It's not like we're having to change what we do when one young man is in the game. We'll manage it as we roll through this season. I couldn't think of better hands for the quarterback position to be in than Charlie Weis."

Q: "Is the evaluation this week more about Driskel's ankle or is it open?"

A: "It's an open evaluation. Obviously, Jeff's ankle figures into that. He missed most of last week, so it's a combination of both."

Q: "How much has Jeff's ankle limited him?"

A: "He's doing well. He looked good yesterday when we repped him. I don't think it's limiting anything he's trying to do. He's trying to get the reps this week. We're talking about a freshman that hasn't had the reps in the offense that a John Brantley has. When John misses a practice, it's okay. With a freshman, you have a little drop off."

Q: "With two quarterbacks that have the same skill sets, what do you see in practice that effects your decision making?"

A: "It starts in the meeting room. We do have some lifting during the week and how they conduct themselves there. On the practice field, who's producing and making plays? That's what I talk about every day with competition. We don't have enough competition at some spots. We don't have enough guys lurking over your shoulder trying to take your position at some spots, and that's what has been frustrating for me."

Q: "Is somebody leading at the quarterback position in your head?"

A: "I've got my own ideas about what is going to happen, but we'll work through today and go from there."

Q: "Is Dee Finley transferring?"

A: "Dee and I talked the other night, and we're going to talk again. I told him he needed to take a little time to think about what he wanted to do and where he was. He and I plan on trying to meet some time today."

Q: "Playing as many true freshmen as you are, what are the factors that allow that to happen?"

A: "I couldn't throw you the exact numbers. We don't have many seniors, and we don't have many juniors. I don't know the exact numbers, but any time you have transition, there's natural attrition that happens in the program. Our numbers were down when I got here. We feel good about our freshman class and the guys we've got playing."

Q: "You just played Alabama and LSU. Who is better?"

A: "I'm just worried about Florida, but they're very similar teams with the strength on the lines of scrimmage. They both run the ball and play with a physical style. They cover well. It'll be a heck of a football game when those guys play. They're both big, physical teams with speed at the right spots. They have a similar style."

Q: "What memories do you have from your time at Auburn?"

A: "I had a great run at Auburn. My brother's wife is an Auburn graduate, so we have a lot of ties there. I really enjoyed my time there and still talk to a lot of the players who were there when I was coaching. I really enjoyed our time there."

Q: "Barrett Trotter will start at quarterback for Auburn. Is it an advantage for you to know that?"

A: "I think that it helps if the two quarterbacks are different. They'll use (Kiehl) Frazier in some situations as opposed to Barrett. When you're talking about two talented guys doing different things, yes that poses problems and you'd like to know who that can be. As far as preparation, when you know the skill sets are the same, it doesn't effect your preparation. When the skill sets are different, then yeah it effects your preparation."

Q: "Is the issues on the lines of scrimmage the biggest issue for your struggles?"

A: "No, I wouldn't say that. The first thing I'm disappointed with is psychologically when John went down in the Alabama game and how we responded. We didn't respond very well as a football team, and that goes back to mental toughness. We didn't handle that well. Then going to Baton Rouge to play a good football team, when we faced adversity early in the game, we didn't handle it very well. From there, it's a trickle down effect to how the game was going and what LSU needed to do to win the football game, and that was not to throw the football. That was run the football and over a period time of not getting enough stops, it turns out to be what it was. The first thing I'd talk about in my disappointment has been handling adversity and handling when things go against you. When you play in this league, you're going to have adversity and have to respond to it."

Q: "How does that manifest itself on the field then? Are guys just not as into it?"

A: "No, I just think that it's a mental toughness factor. It's an understanding that when you play in this league, there will be adversity. Handle it and work through it. I don't think it's a lack of effort. We're getting great effort. It's the psychological part of the game that you have to learn to battle through."

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