Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

The bye week comes at a perfect time in the season for a banged up Florida team. There are injuries all over the depth chart, and while most are expected to return for the Georgia game October 29, all eyes continue to be on the quarterback position. Florida head coach Will Muschamp continues to monitor the health of senior quarterback John Brantley and his possible return against the Bulldogs.

Q: "Do you talk to your guys about where they stand in the SEC race?"

A: "I think they know. It's obvious that we need some help. They understand where they are and what's at stake to get to Atlanta. I talk very little about it. It's more about focusing on the opponent."

Q: "Do you have favorite memories from your time as a player in the Florida-Georgia rivalry?"

A: "There weren't many good ones, that's for sure. It's a great game and rivalry. The setting in Jacksonville is pretty amazing. I was a part when the Jaguars were coming in, so they were redoing the stadium and we played one game here in The Swamp my senior year. It's a great rivalry."

Q: "Do you remember a play in 1994 when you had a big hit on Florida receiver Chris Doering?"

A: "Yeah, but he had a lot of success against us. I do remember that."

Q: "You're one of the few that has experienced the game on campuses and in Jacksonville. Is it a better series when it's at a neutral site?"

A: "I don't think there's any question that the game needs to be in Jacksonville. It's a great environment and a lot of fun to be a part of."

Q: "You guys signed two of the top five quarterbacks in the nation last year. How hard is that to sell them on competing?"

A: "The thing that impressed me about Jacoby (Brissett) and Jeff (Driskel) is that they both welcomed competition. That's the type of player you want. You want guys who are willing to compete for a job and not be given anything. That's what really struck me and impressed me about both young men."

Q: "A lot of coaches don't have a clear cut number one quarterback. Are teams a lot more willing to play two quarterbacks than in the past?"

A: "Quarterbacks now are further along because of training through high school and all the seven-on-seven things. The bottom line is giving yourself the best opportunity to win and be successful. If you have one guy who is far and above, then go with that guy."

Q: "What's the latest on John Brantley and his injury?"

A: "He's very limited as far as his running. He has not practiced, and I don't foresee him practicing at all this week. I hope to get him back Monday. That's where we are at this point. The rehab has gone well and he has worked hard. He has lived in the training room."

Q: "How much time is realistic for him to get back on the field mentally?"

A: "John is very sharp mentally. For him to be able to get back pretty quickly shouldn't be an issue."

Q: "What are the things your team needs to improve on defensively?"

A: "We've played blocks better up front and made improvements. We've gotten productive play from Jelani (Jenkins) and Jon (Bostic) at the linebacker position, and we need to continue to make more plays. On the back end, we've played three straight opponents that have run the ball 40 times, so our opportunities to make plays haven't been as much. When we had them, we haven't made as many plays on the ball as I think we should have."

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