Defense Focused on Job in Front of Them

Florida defensive lineman Sharrif Floyd is part of a young group of players for the Gators that knows they have to focus on themselves as much as the opponents in front of them to get better. A bye week and some time spent focusing on the small things inside the game of football has Floyd and his teammates focused on getting better.

Florida, fresh off a three game losing streak went into the bye week really needing another game and more importantly a win to heal some of their wounds. Instead, they got a week off from playing and bought some time to get their minds right and get back to doing things the way they are being taught to do.

"We knew it was going to be tough going into it," Sharrif Floyd said of the bye week. "We just got our minds right and dealt with it and did what we had to do. I think we did a good job as a whole during the bye week."

One thing the Florida coaches are trying to instill is a more aggressive style of tackling and hitting the ball carrier. It is something they work on all the time, but reemphasized in the last week.

"We weren't just focused on what the defensive line can fix, but the whole defense," Floyd said. "We worked on fundamentals, tackling, form, and everything.

"Fundamentals are worked every day at practice. I would just say the tackling can be more aggressive."

Over the weekend, Floyd made his way back to Philadelphia for a little rest and relaxation. "I got a chance to go home," he said. "A chance to get away from it all, clear your head, spend some time with friends and family before getting back into it."

Now it is back to reality and that reality is a date with the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday in Jacksonville. Floyd is now chomping at the bit to play again.

"I can't wait to get out there, play more ball, and have a chance to get better," he said. "Not just me, myself, but as a team."

The task at hand includes a hot shot quarterback for the Bulldogs. Aaron Murray is a Florida native that jumped to Georgia for his college ball and many consider him to be the best quarterback in the SEC. Floyd says the focus is not all on Murray from him and his defensive teammates.

"We are obviously focusing on Georgia, but it isn't really just him we are looking at," Floyd said. "It is the running back and him. I really didn't see anything outstanding. I am just going to worry about my job, worry about the offensive line first, and then worry about everything else after."

"Every week we have to stop the run. That is what we are focusing on this week."

This is one of those games that old timers that follow the teams love to hate the other side. There are also some underlying things that make it special and Floyd understands the significance in terms of head coach Will Muschamp.

"It is special to me, because not only did Muschamp play there, he played for Georgia and never beat Florida," Floyd said. "Now he gets a chance to be on a Florida team playing Georgia and it may come out in his way."

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