Brantley Expected to Start

At the midway point of the practice week, there hasn't been anything unexpected for senior quarterback John Brantley. His ankle injury continues to heal, and his reps in practice this week have Florida head coach WIll Muschamp believing that Brantley will get the start when the Gators travel to Jacksonville this weekend for their annual game with Georgia.

SEC Teleconference Q&A

Opening Statement: "We're pretty healthy. Jeremy Brown will be the only one out of the game as far as injuries are concerned. John Brantley continues to progress well throughout the week. We expect him to play Saturday unless something shocking comes up through the end of the week."

Q: "Can you talk about the discussions with Robert Clark and Gerald Christian before they decided to transfer?"

A: "The discussions are private. Let's talk about the players that are on our football team now. Those two young men aren't a part of our team anymore."

Q: "Do you enjoy rivalries more when there's some bitter feelings between the two sides?"

A: "My approach is that every game is important. I don't think I have to stand in the meeting room and describe to them how important this rivalry is to the University of Florida. We understand what's at stake to go to Atlanta. I talk about what we need to do to execute and win in the game. That's my motivation of what to do. Our motivation is our preparation."

Q: "In your playing career, did you enjoy playing in rivalries that there was more bad feelings on both sides?"

A: "There's no question there is more juice involved in this game. It's one of the great rivalries in all of sports. There is certainly extra juice involved. If you're a competitor, you compete regardless of the situation."

Q: "Where is Brantley at in regards to where he was early in the Alabama game, and how much does he raise the level of play around him?"

A: "He's throwing it well. He threw it well in practice, and we'll progress through the week to see how he improves. There's no question as a senior quarterback, it's a psychological advantage for our entire team. The quarterback position is such a critical position and different than any other as far as having the guy who has been there and done that. It creates some good momentum for your team."

Q: "What does Aaron Murray do that might not be easy for the untrained eye to see?"

A: "He throws the ball very well. He's completing over 60% of his passes, and you don't really look at their passing game as an underneath passing game. They've got a lot of vertical throws. That's impressive. He runs well and has a great presence in the pocket to feel rushes and getting rid of the football on time. Those are the things that jump out at you.

Q: "How limited will Jeff Demps be?"

A: "Jeff has practiced this week, and we feel like he's full speed."

Q: "The expectations for Florida preseason weren't high, but did you anticipate this season would be this much of a struggle?"

A: "I don't really worry about expectations outside of this building. Our expectations are to go to Atlanta and we still have that in front of us, but it's out of our control at this point. Regardless of youth and injuries, all of those things are excuses in my opinion. It's our job to coach well and play well."

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