Urgent: Protect the Quarterback

Quarterback John Brantley should be back on the field this Saturday after facing a high ankle sprain injury that took him out of two and a half games this season. No one understands the importance of keeping Brantley protected more then redshirt sophomore guard Jon Halapio. He spoke to Florida media about the importance of having Brantley back and the upcoming game against the Georgia Bulldogs.

"It would have a good impact to have John Brantley back with us (on Saturday)." Jon Halapio said. "It means a lot to him. We don't want him to rush back if his ankle isn't right. I know it's very important for him to get back, but he isn't trying to rush his injury."

Halapio said Brantley brings something different to the table. This difference is something young quarterbacks Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett lack in and can only get with age and experience.

Experience should help Brantley when it comes to taking on the Bulldogs this weekend and Halapio feels the responsibility and the importance of protecting Brantley.

"We can't let pressure or anything happen to John Brantley." Halapio said.

The bye week gave the senior quarterback extra time to recover and Halapio believed that it was helpful in more ways than one. He was able to work on his consistency in blocks, rest some injuries, and the Gators are able to come into this weekend's game with the past behind them and their minds focused on the game ahead.

"We needed that (bye week)." Halapio said. "We had injuries, so we definitely needed that break. We all have our individual projects. I know I can play a lot better to contribute to the team offensively. We all had our own little things. Everybody has practiced really well (this week)."

What better game for everyone to be refreshed and ready to go then Florida/Georgia. Halapio believes that this game is one that you have to experience to realize the uniqueness as many of his teammates look forward to this game most throughout the year.

"I didn't realize the stories they were telling me until I actually went to a Florida-Georgia game my first year," Halapio said. "It's one of the best games to play in all year. We've been waiting all year to play in this game."

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