Orr: We Win and Lose Together

There are some silver linings to the four game losing streak by Florida if only a few. A defense that was took its lumps against Alabama and LSU got better against a good running Auburn team and a balanced Georgia squad. They kept the last two games close at the end and at the same time started playing some new blood. This bodes well for the future for such a young group.

Leon Orr is one of the young guys that started getting more time in the last couple of games. The freshman defensive tackle is all of 6-5 and 310 pounds and should someday play a more prominent role got in on quite a few important series for Florida against Auburn and Georgia.

"Every time I go out there and step on the field I feel like I am getting better," Orr said of his increased playing time. "This same time last year I was on crutches and could hardly walk. Every day I get is a blessing, so I take advantage of everything when I am out there."

Orr knows it is a young defense and when they watch film, they can see the unit getting better as the weeks go by.

"We are definitely a young defense, but are getting better every week," he said. "We just have to keep getting better and better every week."

With four tough losses in a row, something that hasn't happened at Florida since 1988, it is hard to imagine what they can do to keep their mindset right. Orr says it is just a matter of putting their feet to the pedal and working hard.

"We just keep playing and keep getting better," he said. "Every day is an opportunity to get better as a unit, That is what we need to focus on as a team both offensively and defensively.

"Every team will have frustration when they lose. We are just using this time to come together as a team and build a lot of chemistry. We win together, but we lose together too.

"It is disappointing, but it comes along with the sport of football. The only thing we can do now is try to come together and try to get better every week. "

Orr said there are no issues with regards to the team and how they will deal with this loss.

"I wouldn't be able to measure the level of frustration, but when you lose in a big game like this it only makes us closer, it doesn't divide us," he said. "That's basically what all the frustration (leads to)… getting us together instead of dividing us."

One issue Florida continues to have is penalties. The gators were flagged 14 times for 106 yards a trend that is common, unsettling, and totally counterproductive. The offense seemed to commit most of the penalties Saturday, but there were still quite a few miscues on defense as well.

"Coach talks about it a lot, undisciplined penalties," Orr said. "It's one of the things you learn from. We aren't going to make the same mistakes and are slowly getting better at it (on defense)."

The defense seemed to find a pass rush of sorts on Saturday, something that has been missing. Georgia is more of a drop back team than they have faced all year, and the Gators were able to sack quarterback Aaron Murray three times as well as flush him from the pocket quite a few times.

"Consistent practicing and drilling," Orr said is what led to a better rush. "The whole year we have been working on pass rushing and getting better. When you are doing something over and over again it is easier for us to pick up in a game. It is just a combination of all of us coming together and practicing and working at it real good."

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