Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

Florida head coach Will Muschamp is excited for his team to return to Gainesville. The Gators will try to end a four-game losing streak on Saturday as Vanderbilt comes to town for the homecoming game. Muschamp has his eye on the status of a few important players this week, most notably John Brantley and Chris Rainey.

Q: "Have you ever considered everything John Brantley has been through at Florida?"

A: "I think it hit my Saturday night in the locker room after the game. He was really hurting obviously physically but also mentally. You walk over to his locker and you see a guy whose father and uncle played at Florida. He has been a Gator his whole life. He has handled adversity like a true, class person does. To see him hurt was very disappointing to me. I'm very proud of John and how he's handled everything. He has been our leader of our football team."

Q: "How is Chris Rainey's ankle?"

A: "Chris sprained his ankle last week, and he has been hobbled a little bit. We're hoping to get him out there today and see how he feels. I would say he's probable-to-questionable at this time."

Q: "Has he been in a boot or at practice?"

A: "He has been out there. We put all of our guys in a boot if they have any swelling at all, that's what we do with our guys."

Q: "You and James Franklin are similar ages, both were head coaches in waiting and both have spent some time in the NFL. How well do you know him?"

A: "I met James for the first time at our head coaches meeting in Destin. He is very bright and intelligent. I faced him when I was at Auburn and he was the offensive coordinator at Kansas State, when they had Josh Freeman and a good offense that year. He's a guy I've been impressed with. He's bright, smart and energetic. These guys play hard and are a well coached."

Q: "What do you expect out of the LSU-Alabama game?"

A: "I think they're similar teams. They're big, physical teams on both lines of scrimmage. They run the ball like you need to in this league. That's why they are where they are and the rest of us are trying to catch up. They both play really good defense, but they play well as an entire team."

Q: "If you could watch Alabama-LSU, what's the one thing you'd be particularly interested in seeing?"

A: "Both lines of scrimmage. This one will be won up front. They have good defensive fronts and are physical on the offensive lines with talented backs. It's about who will consistently run the ball and play well up front."

Q: "What's the biggest challenge for you as a first-year head coach?"

A: "Time management, as I'm very involve with defense, special teams and recruiting. It's about managing my time and making appearances while still planning a practice. I'm not a CEO guy. I'm in meeting rooms. Managing that and understanding that as a head coach, you have other responsibilities."

Q: "You guys are the most penalized team in the country. What's going on with that?"

A: "I divide penalties into different areas. You've got discipline issues when guys can't stay onside. If you hit a guy late, that's an aggressive penalty but can be looked at as a discipline issue. Aggressive penalties are judgment calls. I look at situations where we have to be a better disciplined team."

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