Boynton Comfortable With His Shot

It took until the offseason before his junior year, but Kenny Boynton decided to stop messing with his shot. Instead of bringing in shooting coaches and watching hours of film to find mechanical flaws, Boynton went a different route this summer. He's keeping it the same. The hours spent in the film room analyzing the shot were replaced by hours of practice to make the shot repeatable.

The problem for Kenny Boynton has been the launch and release point. They weren't always comfortable for him, and if just one of the movements went wrong, Boynton's shot went into a slump.

It's not that the shot was unusable. It's that Boynton felt like he had wasted too much time in the pass searching for mechanical mistakes instead of owning the shot as his own and perfecting it. That's what the offseason was focused on for him.

"In the workouts, I've been knocking it down more consistently," Boynton said. "Instead of trying to change it, I've just been trying to get more reps with it and get used to it. It's just about getting more reps. I'm trying to shoot with it a lot every day."

The shot mechanics are the only inconsistent part of Boynton's game. That's why he has become such a valuable player for Florida. There is plenty of talent on this year's roster, but not all of it is proven or has shown it can produce consistently.

Erving Walker has been a streaky shooter in his career while he has also turned the ball over too much. Other guards, like Brad Beal and Mike Rosario, are yet to prove anything at Florida. Frontcourt players Patric Young and Erik Murphy were role players last season and have to prove they can handle starting.

On a talented team like the one Donovan has this year, Boynton is the consistent player he can lean on.

"The one thing I see is that when I go down the court with Kenny Boynton, I know what I'm getting every day. That's the thing that's so impressive for me as a coach with him. From his freshman year, I know exactly what I'm getting. With regards to him shooting the ball, I always want him to maintain aggressiveness. He has gotten better with shot selection. He's a consistent guy every day."

The consistency comes primarily on the defensive end. Boynton was billed as an elite scorer out of high school, but if those shots aren't falling, his defense is always there.

Whether it was Jimmer Fredette when the Gators played BYU or Brandon Knight during the two conference matchups with Kentucky, Boynton always drew the opponent's best offensive player.

"He's a very good defender," Donovan said. "He guarded every team's best player and did a great job of it. Part of the reason I recruited Kenny so hard to Florida is that when you see players who can score like Kenny, they totally rest on defense. Kenny has a great motor on defense and has been a reliable guy that I know will give you everything he has."

Boynton was one of the few Florida players that chose to spend both summer sessions on campus. Even in the summer months when the entire campus is dripping with anticipation for football season, Boynton was thinking about early November, when the Gators would take the court and his junior season would begin.

"I wanted to get in shape and stay in shape," Boynton said. "I knew if I went home I'd be working out, but the workouts here would keep me in shape for the season. It was a good decision."

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