Floyd Using His Big Guy Moves

For the first time since 1988, the Gator football team has lost 4 straight matchups. They're ready to end that skid this weekend, when they'll be back on their home turf, welcoming Vanderbilt for homecoming. Sophomore defensive lineman Sharrif Floyd says they're not letting the losses throw them off.

"The losing streak obviously has [taken] a toll on all of us, but we're all focusing on Vandy and getting to the next game and getting the streak over with," Sharrif Floyd said.

"We win, we go have fun with Gainesville. We lose, we're in our dorms, we're sleeping, thinking about what happened. So it's a big week. It's homecoming, and we want to be out having fun."

Historically, Florida has dominated the Vanderbilt matchup. The Commodores have failed to get a win over the Gators since 1988, but this is a different Vanderbilt team than Florida has faced in the past. The Commodores are 4-4 and came very close to beating both Georgia and Arkansas this year. Floyd knows they can't be underestimated.

"From watching film, honestly, I think they have a more aggressive offense. They're playing with a little bit more heart, in my eyes. It seems like they want it, " Floyd said. "They seem like they want it more this year."

And while the Gator defensive line is a lot bigger than the Vanderbilt offensive line, Floyd knows they can't rely on their size alone.

"They may be small, but they're technically sound." he said. "We use our technique and our strength that we have our d-line and our linebacker corps, we should be fine."

This season, the 6-foot-3, 295 pound lineman has played primarily at defensive end, which, he admits, has been a bit of an adjustment.

"I would think [I fit better at] defensive tackle, but I'm doing what's best for the team, and d-end is best for the team," Floyd said.

So far this season, Floyd has recorded 28 tackles, 3 for a loss, and 4 quarterback hurries. He says he's been doing a lot of extra work outside of practice trying to get more comfortable at the defensive end position, and has been asking Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn lots of questions. He knows he's a little bit bigger than most defensive ends, so he uses that to his advantage.

"I'm a big guy, I'm not going to be a slim d-end, so I have to do big guy moves," Floyd said. "Teams expect me to go power and they don't expect the speed, so I mix it up and keep the tackle on his heels. "

As he continues at defensive end, Floyd knows he can keep them guessing this weekend against a small and speedy Vanderbilt offensive line.

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