"I Want to Hurt Everybody"

Sophomore defensive lineman Dominique Easley finally got to taste victory Saturday after a month of he and his teammates missing the mark. Florida defeated Vanderbilt Saturday in a game that first looked like a blowout and eventually turned into a much closer game. Still the win is nice and Easley will take it.

Easley said the locker room was pretty upbeat after the game and looking forward to at least one night of celebrating for a change.

"It feels good, getting that monkey off your back," he said of the Gators 26021 win. "Everyone is happy. We had a tough month, so we had to come back and get ourselves right.

"It was a big relief. We needed this to start getting our confidence back up and start bringing the team back together and have a better month."

The defense stifled Vandy for the first half giving up just 119 yards and no points as the Gators took a 17-0 lead into the locker room. In the end, Vandy was able to add 258 yards in the second half as the defense wasn't nearly as efficient and allowed quarterback Jordan Rodgers make some plays either in the set offense or by breaking containment.

"I hate when teams move the ball, especially when the quarterback isn't getting hit, so we have to do better than that," Easley said. "Communication (is the key) and it starts up front, we have to get to the quarterback more."

Easley was visibly unhappy after the game. It was a win, but he felt like the defense let the team down.

"I am mad about that because I hate getting scored on," he said of Vandy's 21 points in the second half. "We have to get better than that and that part of the game. We have to give the offense credit because they won the game for us this game.

"I hate the fact that the defense didn't win the game, the defensive line didn't win the game for them… We all didn't do our job, the opposing team scored, so we didn't do our job. We have to get better on both sides of the ball."

One area the Gators seemed to improve on Saturday was penalties. The Gators are the worst in the SEC in penalties but as a team on Saturday they tallied just three penalties for 17 yards. Easley said it is just a young team learning through mistakes.

"In order for you to learn you have to go through it, we did all that and focused on us being disciplined," he said. We did real good and worked on that all week. You have to learn from it. I have become more of a disciplined football player."

Disciplined or not, Easley is somewhat of a hot head on the field and plays off of emotion during the game. Sometimes that leads to some tension and extracurricular action after the play.

"There is always tension between (us and) every offensive line," he said. "We hate everybody. There are always going to be some tangles on the field.

"Sometimes I can't stop myself. (In between stuff) I want to hurt everybody. Everybody that's not a Gator, I want to hurt them."

He finished with three tackles in the game but continues to be a very disruptive force inside. Dominique Easley is starting to learn to channel that emotion to be more effective.

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