Brantley Nursing New Injury

When John Brantley filed off the field after Florida's win over Vanderbilt on Saturday, the focus shifted to a different injury for the senior quarterback. He exited the field with ice wrapped around his right bicep. Just as the ankle felt like it was getting close to full health, a hit from a Vanderbilt defender turned his attention to a new injury.

Brantley classified it as an injury to the side of his arm while Florida head coach Will Muschamp would only call it an arm injury. When Brantley took the hit in the fourth quarter, he could tell something wasn't right. As he came to the sideline and tested the arm to see if he could return to the game, the trainers suggested he sit and allow Jacoby Brissett to finish the game under center.

The trainers also decided it would be best for him to sit out Monday's practice to give it an extra day to rest. He is expected back when the Gators practice on Tuesday.

"It feels better," John Brantley said. "I took a good shot on it and right now, it's just bruised up."

Since throwing to attempt returning to the game on Saturday, Brantley still hasn't thrown a pass. He didn't feel like there would be any rust, and he expects to run the offense as it would normally go when the Gators travel to South Carolina this weekend.

It's hard to blame Brantley for being frustrated. An ankle injury caused him to miss two games earlier this season, but that injury is starting to move to the back of his mind after fighting through the past two games with the injury.

"It's close to (100%)," Brantley said. "It's feeling better and better each day. Whenever we feel that I can (go under center) at 100% then we will."

The inability for Florida to run plays from under center with Brantley at quarterback has forced creativity from offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. When he returned from the injury against Georgia, Weis had Brantley run the offense exclusively out of the shotgun. The running game was hindered, so the plan changed against Vanderbilt.

When the Commodores came to town, Florida implemented the pistol. Brantley lined up in the shotgun with the running back lined up behind him, allowing the Gators to implement a power run game that wasn't present against Georgia.

"We were able to get the downhill run game," said Brantley, noting that it didn't change anything but footwork for him. "It's the same offense we've been running, just from the gun. It's the same I-formation, but we're just in the gun running it."

Brantley's ability to move on the ankle in practice throughout the week will determine how much the pistol and shotgun formations will be used against the Gamecocks. It will be a unique matchup for Brantley on Saturday.

The senior quarterback was actually born in Columbia, S.C. Most of his family currently lives in Florida, but he said that some of his first and second cousins that still live in Columbia will be at the game.

Then there's the Spurrier angle. Brantley grew up watching the Gators with Spurrier dialing up one of the best passing schemes in college football. The senior grew up rooting for Florida teams that Spurrier coached, and that ended up hurting the South Carolina head coach when it came time for Brantley to be recruited.

"There was definitely interest," Brantley said. "I grew up watching his era, and him and my dad were pretty good friends. There was always an interest there, but because he made me like Florida so much, that's why I decided to come here."

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