"Florida Beat Florida"

Sharrif Floyd has noticed a similar pattern to Florida's last three losses. He thinks they have all been self-induced. Untimely penalties and turnovers have hurt the Gators at the worst possible times. The most frustrating part for Floyd is that they haven't been corrected. With only two guaranteed games left this season, the defensive end knows there isn't much time to fix it.

"I would say that Florida beat Florida, not that South Carolina beat Florida," Sharrif Floyd said. "Our mistakes hurt us in the long run and too many of them cost us the game. It's a lack of mental focus. I'm not saying I didn't make any mental mistakes because it's a team effort, but it's just a lack of mental focus."

The undisciplined parts of the game aren't just with penalties. They've also come for the defense in being out of position. The line hasn't produced much of a pass rush, which has forced the young defensive backs to struggle in coverage.

Against South Carolina, the defensive line was undisciplined while trying to create the pass rush of it. That allowed the athletic quarterback Connor Shaw to take advantage. Shaw rushed for 93 yards mostly on plays that were scrambles on pass plays, not designed runs.

"That's how it's going to happen," Floyd said. "When you lose the edge, the quarterback is going to run, especially when it's a good quarterback like Shaw. We knew he wanted to get out of the pocket fast, so we should've stayed on our edge. We lost it a few times and it cost us."

The penalties have been decreased in the past two games, but the problem is now the timing of the penalties. Dominique Easley's third-down offside penalty killed Florida's chance at getting the ball back with enough time to go down the field and score. As a result, it took seven more plays for the Gators to get the ball back, and there was only 42 seconds left at that point.

Floyd said the coaches have preached about the penalties, with head coach Will Muschamp even saying that he will text players and make t-shirts to remind them not to jump offside.

"You go and see everything in practice then don't line up where you've got to," Floyd said of the frustrating penalties. "The quarterback just has too much time. It's a bunch of things like lining up wrong and looking at the wrong things."

Despite the frustrations, Floyd is still optimistic about where the team's mindset is in the final weeks of the season.

"We came in for a team meeting this morning and everybody was here 15 minutes early," Floyd said. We talked and at the end of the day, he said the same thing. We're killing ourselves and have to get it better."

Showing up early for a meeting has Floyd believing the team wants to end the season on a positive note.

"It shows that everybody wants it," Floyd said. "It's not like we're just going out there on Saturdays and trying to get through it and going through the motions. That's not the case. We play hard and the results are just what the results are."

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