Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

On Will Muschamp's weekly appearance on the SEC Teleoconference, the Florida head coach talked about the inconsistencies the offense has dealt with, the productive season junior linebacker Jon Bostic is having, the freshmen he expects to get a redshirt for this season and Florida's injury situation for this weekend.

INJURY REPORT: "Dan Wenger is probably out for the game. He had a hard time coming back after his ankle. Lerentee McCray is questionable at best. Chaz Green is still questionable. Leon Orr got banged up in practice yesterday, and he's questionable at this time with a shoulder."

Q: "Is there more trash talking now in college football?"

A: "I don't know that I'd say there is more. That's not always good. We discourage our guys from doing it, and we've got a couple of guys that we're constantly dealing with. I don't think that there's as much. I don't think it has any effect on the game. You get in somebody's head by playing well and tough."

Q: "Can you talk about the consistency of the offense since Brantley has come back?"

A: "It's just being so inconsistent. That's what is hurting us the most. At times, we've run the ball well, like the second half of the South Carolina game. We get in the red zone, and we're 1-of-7 as far as touchdowns in the Auburn, Georgia and South Carolina games. The inconsistency we're playing with is the most frustrating, but it's across the board."

Q: "Is there anything that has been a big challenge for you as a first-year head coach?"

A: "I don't know that there's anything in our record based on me being a first-year head coach. I honestly don't. There are some roster management issues as far as numbers up front that have been frustrating. When you lose your starting quarterback, I don't care if you're an assistant coach or head coach, that's a tough issue. How we are practicing now is a little different, but it's because of numbers up front. That's just management issues. It's not an excuse. I don't think our record is indicative of me being a first-year head coach."

Q: "Which freshmen are you expecting to redshirt?"

A: "Tommy Jordan, Trip Thurman, Valdez Showers and Ja'Juan Story would be the four that would redshirt in this class. (Clay Burton and Tevin Westbrook) played early in the year because of just numbers. That will be determined as we continue to push forward."

Q: "You mentioned this week that Jon Bostic is having a good season. Can you elaborate?"

A: "We do a productive chart by week and he's a guy that has had a winning performance for the season. He has been productive and gets us lined up. He has played extremely well and consistent. There hasn't been a lot of up and down. He has really blossomed in his role of what we're trying to do defensively."

Q: "Is there anything about this defense that has benefitted him?"

A: "We put emphasis on playing blocks up front. As the year goes on, we've done a nicer job of keeping him free. We didn't early. We've kept him free in a lot of situations to make plays. Our defense is designed for those guys to make a bunch of tackles. He plays well in space and with toughness. I'm very pleased with his consistent performance, and that's something we've struggled with as an entire football team, but he has shown the consistent performance we need to be successful in this league."

Q: "Do you have any insight to how the receivers can be more productive?"

A: "It goes back to consistency. When teams play man-to-man, you've got to get open and be a threat down the field. We have some routes to create separation and challenge people. We've had some protection issues. It's about consistent play at that position."

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