Versatile Offense Helping Boynton

The formula for Kenny Boynton's offense during his freshman year was simple. When the three-point shots were falling, he could outscore anyone. When they weren't, it wasn't pretty. With two years under his belt, that's no longer the case. Three games into his junior season, Boynton's all-around offensive game has improved to where he can score even without the three-pointers.

His offensive game has looked similar in the first three games Florida has played this season. When the outside shot starts to fall early in the game, Boynton will put the ball on the floor and take it to the basket.

Despite not having ideal size at 6-2, 189 pounds, Boynton has exceptional body control and leap abilities that help him get to the rim. In Thursday's blowout win over North Florida, there were multiple times when Boynton went fearlessly to the basket and laid it in for an easy layup.

"Kenny is figuring out different things being a year older," Florida head coach Billy Donovan said.

A quick look at how Boynton scored his game-high 20 points on Thursday makes it clear how dangerous he could be this year. The outside shot wasn't falling for Boynton, as he hit just 2-of-8 three-pointers he took to account for six points. Dunks and layups accounted for six more points, where Boynton attacked the rim.

Boynton went 4-for-4 from the free throw line, with both trips coming off aggressive moves to the rim.

"When the outside shot isn't falling, I've worked on starting to go more to the hole," Kenny Boynton said.

Then there's his midrange game. When opponents step out too far to guard the junior's three-point shot, he used a pull up jumper for four of his points on Thursday. Boynton finished the game 5-of-6 on two-point shots against North Florida.

"I'm really pleased with him," Donovan said. "He has made some great steps, and I've seen them every year since he has been here. Last year, he had a better understanding of shot selection and extra passing. Right now, he's driving it, getting in the lane and has some mid-range jumpers. He's starting to add some things to his game."

Boynton leads the Gators with 18 points per game and is shooting 51.4% from the field and 42.9% from behind the three-point line. The shots from the outside have fallen for him early in the season, but Donovan has seen enough progress to believe he can still be effective when they aren't.

"He just has to understand that there will be a night where he doesn't shoot it well, but his game has evolved as such that he can still have a great impact on the game because he's not just relying on the three," Donovan said. "That has been the biggest difference. He has driven it, he has pulled up and he has made extra passes. That's a lot of different things."

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