Debose Taking Advantage of Opportunities

He didn't start and hasn't for most of the season. But, when the ball is thrown his way, he seems to take advantage of it more often than not. Saturday, Andre Debose was stellar in his play and led all Gators with 151 yards on three catches and two long touchdowns. It was the kind of game that should really get him recognized nationally. Now if he could only get more attention on his own team?

On Saturday, Andre Debose caught over a third of his total receiving yards for the season (423). He was a little surprised that the hardnosed but outmanned Furman paladins would challenge him like they did.

"They were ‘Go' routes and the DB was a little too close," Debose said with his usual smile for the Florida media following the 54-32 win. "I took advantage of it and beat him with speed. Johnny B had a great throw.

"I was very surprised the way they played me the second time. Usually teams put a safety on top and try to prevent the deep ball. They didn't play that way an once again it was a great throw from John Brantley."

The first score was much needed. The upstart Furman team came into the Swamp and jumped out to a 15-0 lead after several miscues on both sides of the ball for Florida. Then offensive coordinator Charlie Weis decided to dial up Debose's number, something that has worked more times than not when called upon.

"What was going through my mind was that we can't get embarrassed," Debose said. "This isn't the way we wanted to send off the seniors. We came into the game trying to play for the seniors and that wasn't the way we planned it to go."

Debose was thrilled with his performance and that of the offense after they got going.

"I looked at it as a good game for me," he said. "I had the two good catches and I just want to continue to get better and learn to be a great wide receiver. I know there is a lot of stuff I have to learn."

The sophomore receiver from Sanford also says that the philosophy of the offense with the personnel on the roster this year dictates that there may not be a lot of touches for him and he is biding his time.

"It isn't frustrating at all," he said. "Coach Weis is the offensive coordinator and whatever he says, goes. There is no reason for us to get frustrated it is just that whenever our opportunity comes we need to take advantage of it."

He also knows he does have to keep working through the things that may keep him from getting more looks. That work is coming, but needs to stay consistent.

"I would say my consistency is a lot better," he said. There are some things I have to work on, but I would say overall it is much better.

"It takes a lot for me to work on my routes, coming in and out of my cuts, and coming off the jam. I have a lot of trouble if someone comes in and tries to jam me. I have been working on all those things."

But, if he gets even with his man and the ball goes up into the air, he feels like he will be the one coming down with it.

"I come out to the field and feel like no one can stop me," he said. "Once the ball is in the air I just attack it."

He certainly attacked it Saturday.

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