Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

The disappointment of a five-loss season can lose some of its sting if the Gators can pull out a win over Florida State on Saturday. Florida head coach Will Muschamp downplayed the importance of a win for turning around his mental state, but Florida players have been clear this week that a win would improve their memories of the season. Muschamp also talked about injuries and Urban Meyer rumors.

Q: "How much would a win over Florida State help you in your first season?"

A: "It's a huge game. There's no question about that. We try to maintain a certain continuity in how we prepare for each game. Our guys understand the magnitude of the game. It's our instate rival here. It's an important game for our program."

Q: "Would it be a weight lifted off your back with a win?"

A: "I don't worry about it. I worry about the players and our program. I'll be fine."

Q: "Do you like where this game is placed on the schedule?"

A: "I'm a traditionalist. I like that you eat turkey on Thursday and then you play Florida State on Saturday. When I was at Texas, we had Texas A&M on Thursday and that was exciting. Thanksgiving week, it's neat to have these rivalries at the end of the season. At Florida, we've had a pretty good track record of playing Florida State and then playing in the SEC championship game and winning championships."

Q: "Where would be a good place to move the Florida State game if expansion forced it to a different weekend?"

A: "I like the game where it is. It's a great game and great environment at the end of the season and springboard you to a championship game."

Q: "It seems like both you and Jimbo Fisher have distanced yourself from the friendship. Is it fair to say that you're friends?"

A: "I've got a lot of respect for Jimbo. When you work with somebody for four or five years, and you spend as much time preparing to do the things we do, you obviously build a relationship. We bought the condo together about ten years ago when we were assistants at LSU. It wasn't like I took the Florida job and we decided to buy a condo together. That's not exactly the way it worked."

Q: "What are your thoughts about Urban Meyer possibly taking the Ohio State job, and what kind of coach do you think he is?"

A: "He's an outstanding coach. The job he did at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida speaks for itself. In my conversations with Urban, I would be surprised to see him take a job based on the things he talked about when he left Florida."

Q: "There's a report that Urban Meyer has taken the job and that D.J. Durkin and Mickey Marotti might be heading with him. Have you spoken with those two?"

A: "That's all speculation. Anytime someone takes a job and they worked together, the natural thing to do is start piecing together the puzzle and say what's going to happen. Our total focus is on Florida State."

Q: "You said that Matt Elam had a groin injury. How has he looked at practice this week?"

A: "He had a pretty good strain on it. He had it the last two weeks, and it's sort of the wear and tear of the season taking its toll. He missed some reps Monday, but he was back at practice yesterday at full speed."

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