Florida State Commit Wears Gator Clothes

It's no secret that Dante Fowler Jr. likes the Gators. The 6-foot-3, 232 pound defensive end from Lakewood High School has been committed to Florida State for quite some time, but visits Florida often. Many question how serious his commitment to Florida State is, but he insists he's solid to the Noles. Still, he wears a lot of Gator clothes.

Many Florida State fans wouldn't be caught dead wearing Florida apparel, but Dante Fowler Jr. insists it's not a big deal.

"I have a lot of school stuff, most of the stuff I have is Gators and Florida State. Most of the stuff they sell down here where I'm from is Gators. But they have so much cool stuff, and I'm the type of person if I see something cool I'm going to wear it. It's not my fault the Gators have cool stuff and they really don't have a lot of cool Florida State stuff," Fowler said.

"If I signed with a team, I wouldn't do that, but I didn't sign with anybody yet. So after signing day, whatever school I go to, I'll just strictly wear that."

Fowler will be one of many top recruits attending the big rivalry game as the Seminoles step on out the Swamp.

"I'm just excited to see the crowd," Fowler said. "It's rowdy, loud, they love football, they love the team, the whole nine yards."

For Fowler, the outcome of the game really won't affect his decision on where he wants to play.

"It doesn't matter who wins, I'm looking at wherever I'll be most comfortable, the school, academics, the coaches, all around," he said.

Though Fowler maintains his Florida State commitment is unwavering, Florida is still on his mind.

"I talk to (Coach Will) Muschamp all the time, " "(also) Coach (Derek) Lewis and Coach (Dan) Quinn, but most of the time I talk to Muschamp," Fowler said.

"He just tells me what they have to work on, how they would use me this year, basically just building a bond, it's not like every time we call each other we always have to talk about ‘me me me.' We just talk about the team overall, how they're doing, stuff like that."

Fowler continues to sound like a broken record when it comes to his commitment to Florida State, but at the end of the day, it still seems like a big possibility that he'll throw out all his garnet and gold apparel, and wear nothing but orange and blue.

"I'm going to wait til signing day to see what happens."

Fowler Shares Thoughts on Other Florida Prospects

Fowler is close friends with many top Florida prospects, especially Jefferson Defensive End Tyriq McCord, and Berkeley Prep Wide Receiver Nelson Agholor.

"I don't know what Tyriq's thinking," Fowler said. "with Nelson, you kinda can tell where he's probably going to go, it's probably going to be Notre Dame or Florida. With Tyriq, man, some days I think he's going to South Carolina, or Florida, then I think he's going to go out to USC. So I don't know what Tyriq's going to do."

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