Key Matchup vs. FSU is the Defensive Front

The Florida offense has had its hands full all season trying to score on just about anyone. Albeit the Gators have had the unenviable task of already playing against four of the top five defenses in America heading into the final game. Unfortunately, for the Gators the Florida State defense is ranked seventh in the nation and is also pretty stout.

Florida's offensive coordinator Charlie Weis certainly knows about Florida State's defense and according to Weis, you can't get caught up just trying to avoid their ability to stop the running game.

"You better run the ball, because if you think that you will line up against that front four … if they can turn the game into a one dimensional game, then you have a problem," Weis said this week.

According to Weis when it comes to FSU's front, it is all about speed, agility, and a nasty attitude.

"Speed… they are fast," Weis said when asked what stands out about the FSU defensive front. "The good thing for them is that they are very well coached. They are very vanilla and not trying to trick you. They think they can bring out four guys, then another four guys and be able to get after you and get pressure on your quarterback. They are pretty salty on defense."

Florida does have a few things going for it coming into this game. For one, senior quarterback John Brantley is as close to 100% healthy as he has been since the fifth game when he was injured against Alabama.

Florida's four worst rushing games of the season came in the Alabama game and the three following that one. Brantley missed the second half against the Crimson Tide, then the two games following, and was unable to go under center against Georgia in the fourth game in that series. That severely limited the Gators ability to run in that game.

Now, Brantley appears to be ready to go along with several linemen and the Gators two running backs that have carried almost the entire load this year.

"One of the best things that happened is that because John got hit so much less (in Florida's last game), he is the healthiest he has been by far since Alabama," Weis said.

Weis thinks the Gators will have some punch for the Seminoles on Saturday.

"I have never gone into a game ever expecting to lose," he said. "So yes, I am confident for our guys."

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