Hunter Encouraged by Florida Defense

The Florida defense served as one of the few bright spots Saturday night. The Gators held Florida State to 95 total yards of offense. The problems for the Florida offense didn't give the Seminoles much incentive to try expanding the playbook, but the Gators played well enough on defense to give the team a chance to win the game.

"We played really well on defense," Omar Hunter said. "That's one of the best games we put together this year. A lot of guys stepped up. Dominique Easley went down and we only had a few guys in the rotation, but I felt like the guys that had to play stepped up and made plays to do a good job."

The defense was put in a bad position on multiple occasions. John Brantley threw two early interceptions that allowed the Seminoles to start drives at the Florida 21 and 4-yard line. Florida State punched both of those in for touchdowns. It was the first time since 1957 that the Seminoles were held under 100 yards of offense.

Despite being set up in bad field position, Hunter said the Florida defense did its best not to be effected.

"We just go out there and do our thing," the defensive tackle said. "We don't worry about what the offense does or the special teams does. Once the defense is on the field, that's all we think about."

The problem the Florida defense has had all season was again evident on Saturday night. They still haven't produced many turnovers. They group has intercepted just eight passes and recovered four fumbles all year.

It has been an issue all season, and Hunter said it's the one thing the defense could have done better Saturday.

"Not creating turnovers for the offense and not giving them the ball in good field position," Hunter said about what the Florida defense could have improved. "We could've done a better job with that. We turned the ball over a few times, and we didn't create any on defense. When that happens, you can't expect us to win. You just can't win like that."

Will Muschamp was clear after the game that he believes the Gators are a soft team. Hunter didn't disagree, either. The Gators have struggled on both lines of scrimmage this year. The lack of depth doesn't help on either side of the ball, but Muschamp won't use that as an excuse.

It's a mentality of toughness that he thinks the players are lacking.

"I agree with him 100%," Hunter said. "We have to get together and get tougher mentally and physically. I know we had the hardest offseason we have ever had here. I take some of the responsibility on myself as a leader on the team. I know the other older guys do, too, for not pushing the other guys and pushing ourselves harder.

"We can get a lot tougher. A lot of guys like myself and Jaye Howard have been here for national championships and coaching changes. We've seen a lot of good and bad. These young guys, they haven't been through a lot of that stuff. The more and more they go through it, the tougher they'll get."

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